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06-23-2010, 02:51 PM

President Obama, Joe Biden and their cast of characters (ship of fools?) keep fumbling, mumbling and blundering their way through the Presidency (don't want to say I told you so). They (especially Obama) hate it when they hear rumors of the truth about their shortcomings and the General McChrystal leak by the rolling stone made me think immediately of the old Danish fable of "THE EMPEROR's NEW CLOTHES.

"The Emperor's New Clothes" (Danish: Kejserens nye Klæder) is a short tale by Hans Christian Andersen about two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes invisible to those unfit for their positions or incompetent. When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, a child (Gen. McChrystal) cries out, "But he's NAKED and he isn't wearing anything at all!" The tale has been translated into over a hundred languages.

When you add up Obamas record thus far: Foot dragging in Afganistan, Health Car bill disaster, Disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Immigration laws, foot dragging during the beginning of the BP oil crisis and worsening the situation by creating a moratorium on all new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (like grounding all flights when a plane crashes due to pilot error--go figure).

The latest controversy between Obama and his hand picked Afganistan theater General Stanley McChrystal does not surprise me and President Obama should surely fire McChyrstal and his entire staff and keep repicking new military leaders until he finally finds one who really believes in him body and soul. However, this is going to be extremely difficult since no sane General who is loyal to his men and country would have a hard time respecting President Obama or his administration in the long run. The key word is "sane' or just plain ignorant. Perhaps President Obama should enlist help from some of his crony's in Chicago or within the ACORN organization. The following is the meat of what is causing the controversy and what is causing President Obama to lose sleep and go into a raging tantrum. Personally, I think it's hilarious:

Michael Hasting’s Rolling Stone profile of Stanley McChrystal, in which he talks trash on many Obama administration officials, may cost the general his job. What are the most controversial parts? Some excerpts (as copied/pasted from "thedailybeast.com":

• "Who's he going to dinner with?" I ask one of his aides.

"Some French minister," the aide tells me. "It's fucking gay."

• Now, flipping through printout cards of his speech in Paris, McChrystal wonders aloud what Biden question he might get today, and how he should respond. "I never know what's going to pop out until I'm up there, that's the problem," he says. Then, unable to help themselves, he and his staff imagine the general dismissing the vice president with a good one-liner.

"Are you asking about Vice President Biden?" McChrystal says with a laugh. "Who's that?"

"Biden?" suggests a top adviser. "Did you say: Bite Me?"

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• 5 Potential McChrystal Successors

• More Daily Beast contributors on McChrystal’s future• Even though he had voted for Obama, McChrystal and his new commander in chief failed from the outset to connect. The general first encountered Obama a week after he took office, when the president met with a dozen senior military officials in a room at the Pentagon known as the Tank. According to sources familiar with the meeting, McChrystal thought Obama looked "uncomfortable and intimidated" by the roomful of military brass. Their first one-on-one meeting took place in the Oval Office four months later, after McChrystal got the Afghanistan job, and it didn't go much better. "It was a 10-minute photo op," says an adviser to McChrystal. "Obama clearly didn't know anything about him, who he was. Here's the guy who's going to run his fucking war, but he didn't seem very engaged. The Boss was pretty disappointed."

• In private, Team McChrystal likes to talk shit about many of Obama's top people on the diplomatic side. One aide calls [National Security Adviser] Jim Jones, a retired four-star general and veteran of the Cold War, a "clown" who remains "stuck in 1985." Politicians like McCain and Kerry, says another aide, "turn up, have a meeting with Karzai, criticize him at the airport press conference, then get back for the Sunday talk shows. Frankly, it's not very helpful." Only Hillary Clinton receives good reviews from McChrystal's inner circle. "Hillary had Stan's back during the strategic review," says an adviser. "She said, 'If Stan wants it, give him what he needs.'"

• At one point on his trip to Paris, McChrystal checks his BlackBerry. "Oh, not another email from [Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard] Holbrooke," he groans. "I don't even want to open it." He clicks on the message and reads the salutation out loud, then stuffs the BlackBerry back in his pocket, not bothering to conceal his annoyance.

"Make sure you don't get any of that on your leg," an aide jokes, referring to the email.

• McChrystal and his team were blindsided by [a leaked cable from Ambassador Karl Eikenberry highly critical of the General's strategy.] "I like Karl, I've known him for years, but they'd never said anything like that to us before," says McChrystal, who adds that he felt "betrayed" by the leak. "Here's one that covers his flank for the history books. Now if we fail, they can say, 'I told you so.' "

Hell, McChrystal and his aides didn't say nearly enough. Obama is a loser, a buffoon with a staff of buffoons including the Vice President and should be IMPEACHED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.