11-10-2010, 04:06 PM

Colonel Allen West's victory over Ron Klein was amazing because a large and perhaps majority of voters in his district are liberal Jews and poor blacks who for the most part follow President Obama like blind sheep. I think enough liberal Jews have begun to realize the error of their ways and are now rethinking Obamas promises of hope and change in terms of no hope and spare change. The poor blacks for the most part will always follow Obama mainly because of his attachment to their race. Sad as it is, they have not learned to detach themselves from the past and move forward. I pray that they will eventually join the ranks of black people like Allen West who prove to all that race has nothing to do with clear thinking and correct decisions.

Showing he has no intention of operating like a standard-issue congressman from central casting, U.S. Rep.-elect Allen West made an unusual move with his first publicly announced decision since the election – hiring one of South Florida’s most conservative voices, radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman, as his chief of staff.And in what may be an unprecedented arrangement, she’ll continue to have an on-air presence in Broward and Palm Beach counties, delivering her perspective via radio from Washington, D.C.. Kaufman, 56, was an early, tireless supporter of West on her WFTL-850 AM radio program, which can be heard throughout South Florida from noon to 3 p.m. weekdays. She also helped on the campaign trail, where she sometimes acted as a warm-up speaker. A good talk show host hears and gets it from all sides and a good talk show host spends hours of research in preparation to understand all sides of an argument. Most politicians just worry about the next election. Joyce Kaufman's input will be most valuable to Adam West, particularly in gauging the pain and suffering of the average citizen who is now going through unemployment, loss of business income and possibly foreclosure at the hands of abusive banks who have no heart or soul. If Adam West plays his cards right, protecting capitalism while at the same time standing up for the people he will gain respect and momentum. If Allen West keeps his quality, ethics and honor, he could very well be our President in the foreseeable future. Adam West, black, white, purple, red or striped is the kind of man we need to lead in this country of mostly CLUELESS people.