11-20-2010, 05:10 PM
The NUMBER ONE problem with the Republican Party (can u say "Achilles Heel") is the constant bickering between middle of the road Republicans and arch conservatives such as Hannity, Limbaugh and Levine. They all seem to forget that the independents are a bit less conservative and rightfully see both sides for better and for worse. That's why they are independent because independents question extremism on both sides of the fence. For example, while most independents do not want socialism to replace capitalism, the arch conservatives see no wrong in the big banks of America lying and cheating in order to take advantage of jobless Americans and force them out of their homes and into the streets like paupers. They also see no wrong in US corporations selling out the American public and moving all of their factories to China, Indonesia and India for the sake of higher profits by temporarily lowering labor costs. As an independent with a conservative bent, I have always had a problem with the mean spirited side of conservatism and hate it as much as I hate the socialist nanny statist proposed by B. Hussein Obama, STUPID ASSKISSING Joe Biden, Pelosi and the gay monster, Barney Fwank. America is STARVING FOR SENSIBLE LEADERSHIP which recognizes the difference between a crisis which threatens the entire American way of life and the socialism which the Obama Democrats want to shove down our throats. Sad to say, but the arch conservatives only claim to fame is their correct hatred of the commie socialism that Obama is trying to drag us into, BUT the arch conservatives do NOT have a clue as to what has to been done to turn America around and re-establish its prosperity and stability. Sarah Palin is the darling of the arch conservatives and while she as fine as an outspoken celebrity in a support cast, she is NOT QUALIFIED to be President. Sarah Palin should run for Congress in her home state of Alaska and if she wins, she should spend several years gaining respect and experience. She is nothing more than a conservative parrot with no idea of how to solve the problems in this country. Picking the best Republican candidate to take on Obama is going to be tough and whoever gets the nomination will not have it as easy as the winning Republicans in this last Congressional election. Remember, the blacks and the white liberal student and housewife vote was absent in the last election and had they been motivated to back the Democrats they might have not lost control of congress. The Democrats know that Sarah Palin is the BEST THING that could happen to them and OBAMA in the 2012 election. The liberal media is pretending to suck up to Sarah Palin and is allowing her to get publicity on purpose. Even liberal owned show DANCING WITH THE STARS has keep Sarah's daughter Bristol Palin in the finals when they have cut others who were much better dancers. The show promoters say itís the public who is voting who goes or stays on the show but you know that is a lot of BS. The liberal media is purposely hyping Sarah Palin to be the next Republican candidate for President, but she will never survive the Republican Primaries. I think it will be some rich business head like ROMNEY or even GINGRICH as the next candidate and if things are still bad (and the will be MUCH WORSE...U can count on this), the Republican will win. If Hillary runs again against Obama and spouts a more conservative stance and denounces Obama and his health care bill, she has a better chance of winning. Hope that Obama runs again and not Hillary.

By the way, whoever is candidate MUST do the following (in brief) to save America:

1. Impose a heavy tax on American Corporations who have
move facilities to China, Indonesia or India.
2. Provide tax breaks to American companies which return
business back into America.
3. Provide tax incentives to American companies who hire
new employees.
4. STOP ALL FORECLOSURES of owner occupied homes.
Force the Banks to radically modify and keep the families
affected by this recession IN THEIR HOMES. Reduce
interest rates on all USA mortgages to prime rate with a
cap on increases and modify all mortgages 50%
principal/interest and 50% balloon payoff at end of
mortgage. This will magnify cash flow of all Americans
and reduce liabilities causing business to return.
5. Reduce the size of National, State and local
governments and reduce taxes across the board.
(ex. trained volunteers could supplement manpower
shortages where needed).
6. Invalidate the purchase of Merrill Lynch and
Countrywide Home Loans by Bank of America and put ML
and Countrywide into the hands of a board of trustees.
Break up Bank of America and reduce B of A into groups
of smaller banks.

These are just a few of the things that will get the American people back on their feet, of course there will have to be a mountain of fine tuning, but I think that you get the general idea. The biggest threat to all Americans is GREED, INSENSITIVITY and a FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT and that this cancer will eventually affect you in a very, very negative way. What do you think about this?