10-23-2012, 04:13 AM
October 22, 2012, After much fanfare the much heralded and final Presidential debate didn't open up much new ground and each candidate simply danced around what had been discussed in the first two debates. Strategically, Mitt Romney rope a doped his way through the topics and avoided digging too deeply into confronting Obama. Time will tell but perhaps it may turn out to be the best strategy in the long run. The Presidential debates have been informative and have shown the public some insight about each candidate but the candidates avoided saying and discussing some important things that weighed far more heavily on my mind.

Most of us already knew before the debates that President Obama's entire life and career has been steeped in socialism and anti-colonialism which has been magnified by the class envy of the poor blacks of America. While America has made great strides in the cause of Civil Rights for all, many people like Barack Obama have grown impatient by the ongoing poverty and social plight of the (black) poor. So much so that his words and actions lead me to believe that Obama has decided to devise ways of taking the wealth from the haves and distribute them to the have nots (or at least that is what he has said). Obama’s need for this confiscation has been aided by the ongoing negative economy which Barack Obama has helped to sustain rather than correct. While President Obama cites all the good things he has done and is doing for jobs and the economy, he has created monstrosities such as the job killing Obamacare, proposing tax hikes on successful people, the wealthy and the middle class, and the ban on oil drilling on public lands. The result is that Obama has alienated the entire business community large and small with these radical socialist policies which has caused a job gridlock in the business community and at this point I do not believe that there is anything that Obama can do or say to turn this around. Because of this LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN OBAMA by the business community it’s time for a change and Mitt Romney is the perfect person needed to restore hope and confidence in our business community.

What bothers me is that neither candidate has addressed the ongoing problems of home foreclosures and how to deal with the banks who caused the problem and are fighting in court to remove millions of families from their homes due to payment defaults caused primarily by the banks overheating of the real estate markets which caused the 23 million job losses. Nothing has been said about the huge defaulting student loan problem caused by the loss of jobs and the need to reverse the Stone Age provisions added to the bankruptcy laws in 2005 which put the students and their families in financial limbo for the rest of their lives. In the last four years, President Obama has done very little to alleviate the pressure of these unsolved problems. Obama had the power to solve these problems when he took office, but opted to giving the banks the power over the people they hurt the most. Obama’s programs such as HAMP were an insult to the middle class of America and did more harm than good. On the other hand, Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney has also avoided discussing these problems directly, but Romney has openly and strongly stated the fact that by helping and encouraging the private sector more jobs would alleviate many of these problems. The biggest challenge for any President will be that it will take years for American business to figure out ways to compete against the slave labor wages and low government aided production costs of China and India which keep prices lower for most manufactured goods than the US and Europe can match. Mitt Romney to his sole credit, mentioned shifting labor opportunities to Mexico, Central America and South America which would be a good thing and would also solve the immigration problem in the long term if that direction is successful. After all of the rather tame debates, I would have to say that the advantage has to go to Mitt Romney because he is better equipped to lead our countries economy toward a stronger position than President Obama. Many of Obama’s social programs such as extended unemployment, housing subsidies and food stamps are needed because of the extended recession, but if Romney can get the USA economy moving again and lower unemployment, then those expensive programs will be eliminated or greatly reduced.