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This morning on ABC TV news, I watched and listened to an interview of former talk show host Arsenio Hall (remember him). As many of you know, Hall had a short but controversial career (January 1989 - May 1994) and then disappeared from national TV for nearly 20 years . Apparently Arsenio Hall is preparing for a new national TV comeback (September 9, 2013) and his three interviewers (2 black and 1 white anchor news people) were questioning him about the show. The last question (by the white interviewer) went like this: "These are challenging times Arsenio and what positive things will you be doing for black people?" Arsenio just looked crosseyed at his interviewer and said "How many people have ever asked you "what are you doing for white people in regards to your newsman career?" GOTCHA and great comeback Arsenio. This is EXACTLY what I have been saying and blogging for over the years. Black and white people focus too much on race and not enough on achievement for achievements sake. When LeBron James shoots a long 3 point basket people of all races go "Oooh what a great shot" not "Oooh what a great shot by a black man". This is what we have to do when dealing with all races of people. It's about people just people ... the rest is inconsequential.
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