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Today is the second day of the Government shutdown and many innocent people in and out of the government employ are feeling its effects. When you are living on the edge but holding your own and you lose your job, it's more that just scary, but you have to suck it up, make a good plan and do your best to survive. It can be done.

It's a damn shame that innocent hardworking people are being victimized by this political scheme brought on by Obama and his army of socialist clowns. Basically it's come down to this: OBAMACARE is the problem and (not) funding the Government is the last resort in the minds of several of this bad laws GOP opponents. Most people know that Obamacare was hurried together without much regard for who it would hurt. The GOP had -0- input in this law and it was passed by a Democrat controlled Congress without any opposition present. There are hundreds of reasons to stall and reanalyze this bill for social flaws (such as employers opting out, cancelling all healthcare benefits and paying a fine to the Govt) or (employers cutting all employees over 50 to part time to avoid paying huge fees to the Govt for Obamacare). Did you know that Obamacare says that the Govt can take money out of yours and other people’s personal savings account if they are losing money running it, and that will happen, just look at the Post Office and other Government social services? Obamacare violates every human right our forefathers and soldiers have fought for since the beginning of this country. When it goes into effect it will be AGAINST FEDERAL LAW (a crime) to not have health insurance and it gets much worse. Because of all these pending problems, Obama and his commie socialist advisers decided to postpone its starting time to one year past the upcoming Congressional election since they feared it would cause Democrats to lose their seats in Congress (go figure). All the Republicans can do is watch this horror show unfold and have asked Pres. Obama to join them in talks to eliminate and adjust the coming problems with the Obamacare bill, but Obama flatly refuses to discuss these problems or change the bill. In his last speech Obama lied to the public on national TV by saying that the Republicans refuse to meet with him to discuss these issues which have led to the Govt. Shutdown when the TRUTH is that it is Obama who won't meet or discuss the problems. Not surprised, but the Republican leadership is split on this whole issue: Many Republicans feel (John McCain) that since Obamacare is so dang bad that it will eventually anger the country into putting pressure on Obama and Democrats to change it. However, other Republicans like GOP Senator Ted Cruz believe that Obamacare if left unchecked will destroy the health care industry in America, cause a massive deep recession and will lead to a destruction of the rights and freedoms of all Americans. Ted Cruz and other GOP leaders are attempting to try and force Obama and Democrat leaders to the negotiating table by using the Govt. Shutdown as a means but unfortunately it is hurting too many people and in the short run will backfire. The risk is that Obama and the Democrats control most of the news media in the USA and are good at lying to the public and casting false blame on their opponents while making themselves look like the peoples champion. My feeling is that either way we are SCREWED and that much of what I have feared is beginning to unravel and take form. The effects of this are widespread and far deeper than the furlough of only government employees. Virtually all self employed people, restaurants, retailers etc are feeling the negative effects since when bad things happen people fear it will get worse and stop spending. My business, art and antiques is extremely slow and there is not much meaningful business happening. Hopefully, both sides will reach a compromise but at the present time it does not look good for that happening. Remember, even if Congress does lift the shutdown and things get started again, Obamacare looms as a much deeper problem in the near future. When the negative effects of Obamacare take hold it will not be so simple to change or get rid of since the negative effects will run much deeper. If you get laid off: 1. see what help is available. 2. Check with veteran groups etc. 3. Check out the gun and ammo industry in your area and see if you can get part time employment. 4. Call or email your Republican Congressmen and ask for names of companies friendly to the GOP in your area and then apply for work there. Most people in the gun industry are sympathetic to veterans and hate Obamacare. They will help you if you ask for it. Yes, it is not the best of times, but like my football coach used to tell us after we got the crap kicked out of us "Get up off you asses and fight back - WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING.
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