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Quiet before the storm
Old 05-27-2009, 08:00 AM
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Post Quiet before the storm

It's hard not to like President Obama. He smiles a lot and talks with an upbeat. Thing is that he seems to believe in extreme socialism and is laying the groundwork for some very radical changes to the American system. America has never been so divided in its philosophy and purpose.

President Obama and supporters want a broad reach of social programs from "free healthcare" to just about everything "free" as long as you are broke and qualify for the free food, free healthcare, free housing etc.. The problem is that the burden of paying the bill for all this free stuff going to the low class poor is being placed on the middle and higher classes of people. Regardless of whether or not you voted for Barack Obama, meaningful help and economic relief for the middle and upper classes in the U.S. is simply not going to happen. Each month, tens of thousands of middle class Americans suffer more job losses and forclosures of their homes, all the while the Obama government pours more help and money to the lower classes who contribute little to the support of the government.

If this trend keeps up you will see poverty, civil disobedience and violence never before witnessed in the United States of America.

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