President Obama is very nervous! Oh what to do, what to do? Hillary is quaking and Obama is a shaking! People are demonstrating in the streets of Cairo and the Egyptian President of 30 years (supported by the USA to the tune of $1++ Billion dollars a year in aid) Hosni Mubarak won’t resign at Obama’s obvious but secret request. While newscaster Matt Lauer and wispy twinkle toes whitehouse chief news correspondent Chucky Todd wring their hands and worry about the freedom of the people of Egypt, the leaders of the street demonstrations are trying to mass together one million protestors to go to Cairo to demonstrate. Perhaps when Prez. Hosni sees the million dudes screaming and yelling, then he’ll step down, right?


Well a few years ago on October 15, 1995, ONE MILLION peaceful black dudes marched to Washington DC to protest to President Clinton that the government wasn’t doing enough, fast enough for black people. Did Clinton step down from office? On August 28, 2010, Glenn Beck organized a peaceful March on Washington DC that has been estimated by Beck at up to 650,000 and Obama’s Chuck Todd at 325,000 to downplay the importance. Did Obama step down in the face of protest?
NOOOOOOO. Ok, what’s different here comparing Egypt with the USA protests? The Egyptians seem to be a bit more violent and the police resistance overblown in the US newspapers, BUT, it’s happening because people are upset with being jobless, homeless, foodless while the government officials and upper class dine at STATE DINNERS and take multi million dollar vacations every few months and travel with an entourage in the hundreds to care for their every need. Wait a minute are we talking Egypt here or are we talking Obama? Perhaps maybe this is why Obama and his spendthrift party and administration is so nervous. The real difference is that we can vote Obama out of office in two years and turn this thing around. The Egyptians have a bigger problem with Mubarak who seems to be President for life. Oil companies are really nervous because 40% of the worlds oil supplies flow through the Suez Canal but the violence hasn’t spread to the canal…Yet.

ADVICE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA: STAY OUT OF IT and Let Mubarak rule his own country, just as you have to do with China, Pakistan and Venezuela. IT’S NOT YOUR COUNTRY DUDE, IT’S THEIRS. Attend to your own problems such as your cockamamie upside down oil drilling bans, your support of the big conglomerate profit squeezing banks, your support of GE over all other businesses….should I go on? Your failures at home will eventually create protests in the millions. WILL YOU STEP DOWN IF ENOUGH PEOPLE PROTEST YOUR FAILURES?

By Rick

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