If you go back over my past ranting and ravings this year, you will see that I have blasted both the liberals and the conservative extremists in the political arena. While I embrace most conservative ideals, I am not as hard core on every issue since I prefer to fully research each and every issue. For example, I am a devout constitutionalist, but like the bible, our constitution can be interpreted in a number of ways. It all depends on who is doing the interpreting. Yes, I firmly believe in the freedom of speech under the first amendment, but only if it is not damaging to others (again it has to be interpreted). Yes, I firmly believe in the right to bear arms RESPONSIBLY. Yes, I firmly believe in free market capitalism, provided that the excesses in capitalism are held in check with well thought rules and regulations. Anti-trust laws, securities laws, utilities oversight, health care, food, drug, banking and insurance regulations for example are some of the areas which need rules to protect a free society from those who would abuse it for their own benefit only.

Somewhere, somehow a large segment of our population has lost sight of this and now the middle class (the largest voting segment of our society) is hopelessly caught between the extremes seeking power to change our lives for the worst if they can control all sources of political power. On one side we have President Barack Obama who has decided that there are enough people in this country who are so uninformed and uninterested that he can say anything (right or wrong) and get them to agree with him. Obama’s 2012 campaign advertisements are filled with lies, gross exaggerations and mistruths. Obama takes credit for being the champion of the middle class, adding millions of new jobs (???) and for standing tall against Wall Street and the major banks. The same entities who destroyed our economy by securitizing our mortgages and recklessly gambling away tens of trillions of dollars using derivatives which they never should have been allowed to use in the first place. President Obama has taken a weak stance in his efforts to stop the banks and Wall Street from further abusing our financial system and make things right with the people who lost their jobs, income, families, net worth and self respect. President Obama has diminished the rest of the worlds respect for this nation and has reduced our military effectiveness, opening the door for other powers to take advantage of us in the near future. President Obama’s healthcare act looms dangerously over the heads of every American and threatens to create even more unemployment and economic upheaval. Employers large and small are simply not investing in expansion nor hiring new employees in general because of this potentially dangerous and expensive legislation. The Obamacare act needs to be repealed and rewritten. If elected, President Obama is threatening to increase taxes on the wealthy and the middle class could cause many of our brightest and creative citizens to leave our country as expatriates. President Obama wants to impose gun and ammunition bans which will have the effect of making it illegal to defend ourselves as well as making criminals out of those to resist his attempts to ban ownership of weapons. President Obama refuses to lift his harsh restrictions on oil drilling while China and other countries drill in International waters closer to the USA, even though most citizens are suffering with record high gasoline prices.

Yes, the list goes on and on, but if President Obama is so inept, then why is he leading George Romney in the polls at a time so near the Election Day? It’s because Romney keep saying and doing thing that bring negative emphasis on the things Obama keeps accusing him of. Let go over the list of accusations: first of all Obama accuses Romney of serving only the rich and non caring people. Obama gives examples of people laid off by businesses dismantled and sold off by Bain Capital, Romney’s former corporate flagship (no answer from Romney). Obama says that Romney’s companies sent thousands of jobs overseas to China and that Romney is heavily invested in China (no answer). Romney is videotaped at a fund raising party thrown by his billionaire friend Boca Raton Financier Marc Leder, allegedly saying that 47% of Americans as people who don’t take responsibility for their lives and think that government should take care of them. This story is all over the internet and today’s newspapers. Get the picture folks…..Obama is accusing and trapping Romney and the Romney camp has said little to convince the press and the general public that it simply is not true and is being misquoted. So how can Romney right the ship? My suggestions as follows:

1. Take a firm stand against Obama’s half hearted efforts to turn around and correct the housing crisis which is still looming. Tell the public the Gramm Leach Bliley Act of 1999 was a horrific mistake and promise to repeal it and reinstate the basics of the Glass Steagal Act of 1933.

2. Come up with some concrete plans to reward companies for hiring new employees and penalize those companies to insist on exporting jobs out of the USA.

2. TEMPORARILY HALT ALL FORECLOSURES and come up with a task force who will determine the damages suffered by the homeowners due to the Wall Street and bank caused economic downturn. Come up with a plan to make the homes affordable until the homeowners income returns to their former status. Use a combination of principal reductions, low interest rates, partial refinancing and long term balloon mortgages as a way to keep people in their homes. Make the banks prove standing in all foreclosures and declare non-judicial states as violators of the constitution (denying citizens right to a fair trial).

3. Reinstate the personal bankruptcy laws to those prior to 2005 which allowed credit card debt and student loan debt to be itemized and declared in bankruptcy. We have a whole generation of jobless graduates who were victimized by the same lenders who caused the economic collapse and these lenders should be stopped from harassing these students and their family cosigners.

4. Promise to repeal Obama’s Healthcare Act and replace it with clinics in lower income areas and assist more students financially towards getting their medical degrees.

5. Let the people know that you will do the right thing by all people in this country ready to work and sacrifice to safeguard their freedom. Those personal issues such as abortion and homosexual marriage should be determined by the states and not by the Federal Government.

These are just a few of the things that Romney should be saying. So why hasn’t he been aware of this?

By Rick

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