The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing in this sometimes imperfect world with some perfect moments. An hour later the wind howls, birds are shivering and the bees are holding on for dear life in their hives. Most all of us know that this is life and you have to expect the bad with the good. All of us EXCEPT the left wing anti-war, anti-gun and anti-military freaks who support and advise our new esteemed President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

President Obama made a tough speech last week about the discovery of yet another large nuclear production facility in Iran and then stated that they had to comply with other nations who are abiding by the world agreement not to build new Nuclear weapons and in fact reduce the nuclear stockpiles that the nuclear nations now have. Reading between the lines, President Obama stated that he will negotiate a reduction and possible elimination of the nuclear deterent of United States if other nations agree to do the same. Meanwhile, the sun is shining and the birds are singing (in Obama’s mind), while China builds a huge world navy of nuclear capable submarines and aircraft carriers without a negative word from Obama. This combined with China’s foster child neighbor, North Korea who has spit in the face of every American President over the last 40 years. The ambitious aggressive governments of China, Russia and the rogue nations of North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Equador could care less whether or not President Obama is a liberal, socialist or soft on communism. If we are so gullible and stupid to allow our military defense to be reduced to a weak meaningless effort, then we are opening the doors to all of our enemies to have their way with any of their neighbors and eventually us. It is bad enough that we have allowed China to have control of the majority of the worlds production facilities without inviting them to have the opportunity to attack, defeat and make slaves of all of us.

PLEASE WATCH PRESIDENT OBAMA CLOSELY REGARDING OUR MILITARY AND OUR REDUCTION OF MILITARY DEFENSES. He may want to destroy capitalism, the constitution and promote immorality, but to destroy our ability to protect ourselves at home and abroad would be the last straw.

By Rick

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