Since I have had a lot of real estate finance experience with brokerage, acquisition and development, a close relationship asked me to help negotiate with her lender service company, BANK OF AMERICA. After a lot of posturing between her and the banks “home retention division” representative, I was given permission to speak in her behalf. As soon as the conversation’ began, I introduced myself and immediately noticed that the person representing Bank of America had a foreign accent and was named Mohammed. It turns out that Mohammed is a Muslim living in India and working for Bank of America. STOP RIGHT HERE. Is their something strange about this? Bank of America who gobbled up Countrywide’s 1.5 trillion dollar mortgage portfolio for nearly no money $4 billion in bogus shell corp. stock, is so CLUELESS as to hire a Moslem from India to negotiate with victimized Americans in the beginning stages of foreclosure. Let’s see now, Countrywide, Bank of America, Citicorp and Chase along with the rest of the big banks and lenders contributed greatly this extended recession aka depression, causing the big drop in real estate values, the millions of Americans laid off from work or incomes plummeting for the self employed and the millions of foreclosures and bankruptcies which are ongoing as I speak. A big part of the woes of the American people and people in the rest of the western world is due to the exportation of services and manufacturing jobs to third world countries which has temporarily boosted the bottom lines of big corporations like the Bank of America, but have and continue to destroy its customers. SHAME ON BANK OF AMERICA, for they are an insult to all of the American people. They should be fined, their executives jailed and disbanded or all of the above. Perhaps I sound extreme, but it is Bank of America who has attacked our financial security and way of life and is the cause of a large part of the misery that we are a suffering in this recession or will soon experience due to their selfish and callous business practices. They do not deserve to bear the name BANK OF AMERICA and more righteously should be called BANK OF INDIA or BANK OF MOHAMMED since they would rather hire Moslems and Indians instead of jobless Americans.

By Rick

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