There is a lot of political buzz about conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry entering the election. Gov. Perry is a newcomer to the National political scene and will have an uphill battle to win against Barak Obama, despite all the hoopla. The reason is that while Obama and the Pelosicrats have fumbled the ball on every issue, too many middle of the road voters fear that too many harsh ultra conservative policies such as Perry is talking about will cause the US economy from the frying pan into the fire. In other words, do we need a SEVERE DEPRESSION and FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in order for things to really turn around?

A WARNING TO CONSERVATIVES: Any conservative candidate whose policies disenfranchise the jobless, the middle class, the poor and the youth of this nation is flirting with imminent disaster. You have to be frugal, wise and fair with your cutbacks and adjustments. Remember, you can’t enjoy the profits of Walmart by raising prices so high that the masses cannot afford to shop there anymore (get my point?). Obama wants to tax the rich and legislate the hell out of business. You do not need to raise taxes on the rich or any other group during hard times and proper leadership and innovation goes a long way in a down economy.

Strange thing about being a moderate independent. The idiots on the right and the idiots on the left BOTH attack you. Truth is, nobody’s 100% right or wrong on all the issues, but the way it looks is that both sides are clueless. Rush Limbaugh and other extreme conservatives clearly serve only the extreme rich because they are all extremely rich. Google Rush’s hundreds of million dollar contracts not counting endorsements and you will see that he is arguing his personal case and not the case of somebody out of work for three years and foreclosed upon. Yes, I do drive a car, own plenty of guns responsibly (PROUD NRA MEMBER) and have a concealed weapons permit because there are idiots out in the world who think that might equals right. The next time a flash mob attacks you or your house is broken into, think about how nice it is to be unarmed. This does not mean that I endorse killing social security and medicare which I paid money into most of my life, but it’s needs to be focused on those who truly paid into the system. Too many freebies have been given to illegal aliens and others burdening the SS and medicare systems who NEVER PAID A DIME into the systems. They should never receive a money or aid from either system since it was set up as a retirement plan for those U.S. citizens to worked hard and paid into the programs. If you wish to help the unfortunate and illegal aliens, there should be a totally different relief fund set up for humanitarian aid. Congress should be forced to repay SS and Medicare and stop raiding those trust funds for other purposes.

The USA will NEVER print its way to prosperity. Germany learned that after WWI and WWII and only became strong when it’s productivity and attention to the highest quality was reestablished. Face it, we can never compete with China on a cost only basis due to their huge labor force and free prison labor, but we can compete if we have innovation and better fit and finish on our products. Our government needs to provide incentive to manufacture and hire more Americans at home.

By Rick

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