The United States of America is anything but United. Nothing disturbs me more politically than the irreconcilable differences that now exists in this country. What we now have is three main divisions of thought: 1. The hard core leftwing socialists, led by President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, 2. The hard core right whose spokesmen are the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity and Glen Beck and several Republican legislators. Both sides are convinced that they are right and both sides will not compromise. The third division and by far the largest, is the middle ground independents who are more commonly referred to as the swing vote. This third segment does not like the extremist ideas of either side and will compromise at critical times. In my opinion, the independents have been hurt the most financially and hold the future of this country in their hands. It is becoming very obvious to most clear thinking independents that the leadership of this country is now skewed to the left and tainted. This however is not a mandate that the independents wholly accept the big corporate philosophies of the far right, since they are as guilty as the left for getting us into the situation we are now faced with(more on that later). The independents have no leadership or spokesman, which is the reason that they are vulnerable at the moment. The far left and right both have hard core leadership and the financial backing they need to survive and destroy the American way of life. Take the left for example: They are backed by the extremist groups such as the Sierra Club, Peta and the BLACK CAUCUS which is an organized club or group of Black legislators in Congress and the Senate. Is responsibility of racial equality and justice only in the hands of non-black citizens? Of course not, but WHY is a group or organization with a name like the BLACK CAUCUS allowed to legally exist with such a bold racist purpose? Does the BLACK CAUCUS allow white and asian members? Of course not. Now think of this scenario: All the WHITE MEMBERS of Congress and the Senate form a group called the WHITE CAUCUS to the exclusion of any non-white member. Sounds fair, huh? after all, we have a Black Caucus. Think this would fly folks? Notice how the news media has never mentioned or challenged the racial abomination called the Black Caucus. I do not have a problem with people of any race or religion being elected President or for any other office in the land, but that person better realize that he or she is now representing all the people and not just the people in his church or race, or face the consequences later.

By Rick

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