Having a degree in Political Science doesn’t make a person perfect in politics, but it does give that person considerably more awareness as to the basics of political thinking and motivation. At 66 years of age with an extended political science background, I can reasonably determine by ongoing news events that the Republican Party is suffering from a bad case of split or better said, fractured personality. Explained further, both Democrat and Republican parties have at their extreme end, hard core members who follow a “fixed political menu (dictum)” of beliefs, extreme socialism on the left and extreme conservatism on the right. Neither side of extreme is good for the future of this country or in fact any country. Extreme socialism destroys freedom, creativity and motivation, while extreme conservatism supports corporate abuse of small and medium business, hoarding of money, real estate and assets by a select few and no active support for those who truly are in a crisis and need organized focused help. Floating somewhere in the middle of both sides of extremists are the independent voters who may lean to one side or the other, but do not follow the “menu (dictum)” of the vocal extremists of either party. This is the problem that former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist found himself dealing with and why the Republican extremist conservatives switched their support to Marco Rubio. Rubio is a conservative puppet who follows the extremist conservative party line. Charlie Crist is basically an independent who analyzes each issue and votes one way or the other basis on his experience and common sense. The Democrat Party seems to blend with less controversy because a vast mass of Democrat voters are basically uncaring and unaware of what is really affecting them. Republican voters are much better educated and loyal to the free enterprise system that has been the mantra of the USA since its beginning. Democrats are mostly made of the bleeding and the bleeding hearts and usually focus on the effects of the problem rather that the solution. The Republican Party has gained a lot of ground on the Democrats this year because of the Democrat mismanagement of the health care, foreclosure, credit, unemployment and taxation issues. It seems that a lot of voters rather see a more conservative leaning middle of the road approach to these policies than the mismanaged approach the Obama Democrat administration has been handling things. This is like comparing a speeding reckless driver (the liberal Democrats) to an annoying slow driver (the conservative Republicans). The Democrat Party, led by hard core socialist extremists promised positive change but to date have delivered poorly written socialist legislation, sloppy administration, embarrassing foreign policy and political motivated actions designed to mislead Americans rather that provide true unbiased leadership. This prolonged the US recession because of the mistrust most Americans now have for all politicians and fear that the worst is yet to come based on the poor decisions and negative leadership being displayed by President Obama and the Democrat party in general. The conservative talk show hosts on radio and television have properly focused criticism on the failing Democrats but have failed themselves to realize that to win it all, Republican conservatives have move towards the center from the far right if they are going to have a chance to win. Republican conservatives such as Marco Rubio and Sarah Palin are loyal Americans with good basic values and many good ideas, but lack the ability to deal with many of the basic problems and roadblocks hurting this nation, for both follow the conservative Republican party menu religiously but do not appeal to the moderate independents that the Republican party desperately needs to win. People like Charlie Crist (were) are the hope of the Republican party and by alienating the moderates such as Charlie Crist, conservative Republicans are destroying any chance of ever winning back a share of leadership that they long for and enjoyed during the Reagan years. Under the hard core conservative extremist leadership, Republicans have little chance of overcoming the liberal Democrats, no matter how much they try. If the Republican conservatives alienate the key middle of the road independent voters, such as they did with Charlie Crist they will continue to lose elections because of their hard core conservative menu’s lack of appeal to the independent voters. Most common sense folks don’t want socialism and welfare, don’t want to destroy capitalism and want wise and strong leadership applied to correct any issue that needs help and correction. John Locke’s theory of the best government is the one that governs least is nice for conservative idealists to talk about, especially when they have a $400 +++ million dollar broadcasting contract, but in reality, it sucks and does not help a soul except the ultra rich individuals and corporations. Remember the Kings and Emperors or the old world commanded millions of serfs and common soldiers. They lived in opulence and untold riches and gave little or nothing to the people who worked there asses off to put them in their ivory towers. Is this what we want as an alternative to the destructive socialist policies of Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. Neither is a good choice, so use your heads and not your Anus to do your thinking. Just because some Republicans win, it is stupid for them to think that this is a mandate for do nothing hard hearted conservatism. If they act that way they will be shown the door just like they got in 2008. We can’t afford Obama, but we can’t afford stark conservatism either.

MORAL OF THIS STORY: U.S. Politics are Issue Driven and not Party Driven

By Rick

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