Knockout, also known as the knockout game and knockout king, is a violent activity indulged in, ‘played’, by black teenagers in which they attack an innocent, often unsuspecting white person in an attempt to knock him or her unconscious with one punch. The game can result in serious injuries or death for its victims and corresponding criminal charges for those playing it. Cases involving teens playing knockout come to light when extremely serious consequences result. In one such case, in 1992, three teens were charged with assaulting an MIT student while he and a friend were walking near campus. Prosecutors said that one of the teens stabbed the student through the heart, killing him. In another case, a St. Louis, Missouri teenager and his friends allegedly attacked a couple as they were walking home from the market. After one of the teens struck the man, he hit his head on the ground and ultimately died in hospital.These black teenagers were playing Knockout King, a game where you go around finding white people to beat up and put in the hospital. It

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