When Obama stumbled the GOP Fumbled! BUDGET CUTS

With the USA and 45 States allegedly having problems meeting their budgets, the GOP and newly elected T-Party Reps quickly learned that holes in the budget are gaping holes under pressure and their getting larger all by themselves. Government employees jobs along with guaranteed perks and retirement benefits are under pressure and many security conscious administration lifers may find themselves looking into their future as a dark hole of insecurity, the same dark hole independent self employed folks like myself have gotten used to facing over the years. The difference is that without the security of government checks and benefits, these people will quickly shrivel and die, since they are not mentally conditioned to deal with it. My prediction is that Wisconsin is just the tip of the iceberg and it’s going to get much worse in the next 5-10 years. States cannot print more money like the FED and the US Government and they cannot live off loans forever like the US Government (inflation kills the super rich – that’s why the paid for by the rich politicians created the FED to keep inflation to a minimum). The trick is to plan the cuts together and to rich a compromise as long as it does not kill the patient. Hoarding of capital, no sensible regulation and very bad leadership on both ends of the spectrum have created this mess. The GOP should concentrate on killing the health care bill, since it is a terrible piece of unworkable legislation which will destroy the health care industry and free enterprise in the USA. Yes, we need health care reform to help those who truly cannot help themselves, but we do not have to destroy this already ailing nation to do it.


If you haven’t read about it, the SUN is becoming more active, more solar flares, storms etc. and we are just beginning to understand the effects of this. Coincidentally, we are experiencing more instability in the earths crust and expect more of what Japan has recently suffered from. THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL CALIFORNIA! Waterfront property is nice BUT…….ask the Japanese about the dire risks! Studies need to be done to safely utilize the coastal areas at the edge of faults without the risk of such horrible destruction of life and property.


How touching that President Obama is so concerned about human rights in Libya that he orders military strikes against the Gaddafi government. Something’s very strange and fishy about all of this. Ok, consider the fact that there is a large group of people who are unhappy with the irresponsible and poor leadership of President Obama (the dissidents). The dissidents as the President to resign and he refuses their request. This is what happened in Libya to Gaddafi and he too refused. Then the dissidents armed themselves and try to forcibly remove President Obama. This is also what happened with Gaddafi, so what do you think would happen (did happen to Gaddafi)? The President and Gaddafi would fight back with their armed forces. Why is this so difficult for Obama to understand and why are sticking our always stupid noses into the internal affairs of Libya. Oh, I forgot, Libya is an oil producer. Guess that makes it all right, huh? How much oil did we get from Iraq after all the lives on both sides were lost, the country now in ruin and the U.S. out of nearly one Trillion dollars? HOW MUCH OIL DID WE GET? Obama please answer this while you lavish a Chilean vacation on your entire family at the expense of US citizens.


When I criticize President Obama, I do not criticize as a closet conservative, I criticize as a very disgusted and concerned middle of the road American. When Barack Hussein Obama won that silly election against over the hill John McCain and what was her name…..Palin? Obama thought he was the new Messiah and had a mandate to become America’s Emperor….NOT! People asked him to prove his birthright and to this day Obama has not come forth with any proof that he was qualified under FEDERAL LAW to run for President let alone be the President and I AM NOT A BIRTHER, but come on Obama, don’t you think that the nation needs to know the truth about you. IF and that’s a big IF, we would have had the right person in the Presidency and not some amateur (it’s our turn to have a black president regardless of his eligibility, qualifications, experience, reputation and backbone….duh). WHAT A FREAKIN mistake and boy are we ever paying for it.

Since 2006, there have been nearly 3,000,000 homes foreclosed by mortgage lenders. President Obama actions clearly indicate that he is confused and clueless about the cause of the problem, who should bear responsibility and who should be helped. A good example of this is President Obama’s HAMP program (please Google HAMP if you don’t know what HAMP is and then come back to this article). Simply put, the banks caused the problem, but President Obama lacked the courage and strength to stand up to them and ALLOWED the banks to dictate loan modifications which was like giving the keys to the henhouse to the fox, heh heh. For example, a person who paid their mortgage faithfully for 10 to 20 years or more, who lost their job, income or business to the current subprime recession has to “prove” to the banks that they deserve help based upon their ability to make trial payments to the banks. WAKE UP…THE BANKS NEED TO PROVE FIRST THAT THEY EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO COLLECT MONEY FROM THE HOMEOWNERS and if so, then the banks need to make amends in order to allow the homeowner time to get his income back to former levels. Principal reduction, YES, months and even years of forbearance, YES, reduced FIXED interest rates, YES. Helocs forgiven and eliminated, YES. In many cases, the people who paid their modification payments were still foreclosed upon. What’s missing is that many Banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo took over millions of securitized mortgages from defunct Countrywide, Wachovia New Century and other mortgage lenders who transferred ownership dozens of times. These lenders not only do not have the right to foreclose but they are collecting payments and not paying the true owners who may be some defunct company in Europe or Asia. In over 60 million USA mortgages there lurks language assigning the mortgage and note ownership and foreclosure rights to MERS (look that up in Google too) which is a non human corporate entity not qualified to own property. This has created a cloud upon the titles of all these mortgages and that by the way is the heart of the robo signing controversy which has halted foreclosures across the nation. The banks wanted the properties foreclosed but did not have the proof of ownership, so they “verbally” pressured their attorney’s (look up David Stern) to lie about their lack of documentation. Many of those 3 million foreclosed homes were improperly foreclosed upon with false approval of missing documents and therefore the former owners can reopen the foreclosure and reclaim the rights to the home even though they are and were in default. It gets really sticky since the Banks have sold off many of these homes in short sales…..hmmmm???? and the beat goes on.

NEW BOOK FORTHCOMING….(taking longer to finish than I had expected)

The big Banks (Citicorp, BofA and a whole cast of characters) paid for and lobbied for congress to open the doors closed after the depression. They knew that by combining the money raising abilities of Wall Street with mortgage banking that they could create the perfect money raising machine. What they did not know, was that too much of a good thing would result in them choking on their own greed and destroying the entire system that they preyed upon. Hence my new book to be released in the near future “AMERICAN BANKSTERS – Unfinished Business”.

By Rick

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