FYI..I’m a firm Allen West supporter and strongly dislike Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. If Allen West wants to win he must not repeat Romney’s 2012 mistakes. He needs to bridge the negative effects of the last six years with the positive promise of the future: Here are some suggestions:

1. Assure people that your mission is to improve the economy by removing the government roadblocks to hiring more people and improving pay and opportunity.

2. That your mission is not to destroy government economic crutches such as food stamps, medicare and housing, but the MISSION is to provide a better private alternative for a lot of people who are living on the edge of poverty at the expense of the government. Give people hope and a reason to get off the dole and get back to work.

3. You will work hard to open up the U.S. Energy industry which is needed to lead the USA out of the economic doldrums we are in.

4. You will work to repeal the Affordable Health care act which is hurting jobs and the economy in general as well as threatening to destroy the medical profession. However, you will work towards common sense alternatives to reduce the costs of medical care and drugs for the poor, the handicapped and the elderly.

5. You will work to help cities reduce their debt and reduce the chance of bankruptcy and the gutting of retirement plans for millions of retired city workers around the nation.

STRESS THE ABOVE CLEARLY AND CALMLY AND YOU WILL WIN. Do not get involved with a character dispute with the clueless and brainless Wasserman-Schultz, she will bury herself by her own negative actions. HOPE YOU READ THIS COMMENT and BEST OF LUCK.

By Rick

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