PEOPLE! We the American people are caught in a VISE. On one side we have idealistic left wing fanatics who don’t know the difference between HANDOUTS and REAL HELP. To make matters worse we have a socialist trained neophyte President who despite four years in office still makes inept decisions (re: immigration, HAMP, jobs, foreign policy, Israel, SHOULD I GO ON?). On the other side it’s even WORSE because we have common sense clouded by hard hearted greed and corporate corruption. The right wingers mix a dangerous cocktail of some common sense mixed in with downright oppression and distruction of the middle class and to make matters worse….NO REAL LEADER IS EMERGING? Palin, Bachman, and the typical cast of rich punks with no charisma…can you spell Romney. So now you see my (our) dilemma and WHO IS LEFT. Ron Paul? Perhaps and I lke his views on the FED and INCOME TAXES but I would like to see his full spectrum of ideas. At 75 years of age is he too old to get us through this malaise of conflicting opinions and misguided leadership? Certainly he is better than McCain was in the last election. We may not have a better choice — we need to research him thoroughly and quickly, then make our decision. OBAMA or the RIGHT WINGERS both will bring increasing disaster to this country re: THE POINT OF NO RETURN.

By Rick

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