It has been recently observed using satellites by NASA scientists that Japan’s Tohuku Tsunami which occurred in March 2011 caused icebergs (some as large as Manhattan, New York) to break away from an Anarartica Glacier located over 8000 miles away to the south. The powers of cause and effect can work wonders over time and space, and regarding politics it appears that the Obama for President Camp knows this principle well enough to use the shock power of the recent debt crisis as a tool to further its re-election campaign.

President Obama’s liberal media circus has been tring to blame the recent S&P credit downgrade on the Republicans and Tea Party, despite the fact that it was President Obama who kept insisting on a “debt ceiling increase with no budget cuts”. Plain and simple, it was President Obama himself who refused to put forward any proposals to cut spending.

Obama and camp in the final deal limited total budget cuts over time to $2.4 trillion, a far cry from the expected 10 years projected increase of $14 Trillion dollars. Entitlement spending (including Obamas latest entitlement splurges) were conspicuously left out of the final deal.

The KEY question independent voters must consider in the next election must be who was at the helm of this ship of fools and took the US National Debt from 40& of GDP to 70& of GDP while they controlled the White House, Senate and House of Representatives and all the time operating without passing a budget. Yet, despite all the the above, the slanted liberal media continues to cast the blame for all the trouble on the Republican side of the argument.

The big question is: Can the media continue to hypnotize enough clueless people to reelect a President who is working hard to destroy the future livelihood of the very people who will elect him? Time will tell.

By Rick

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