Wake Up People! China wants THREE things: 1. Control 2. Land and 3. Wealth. This is why nuclear war makes no sense to them. Why would China want land that they cannot farm or mine for precious metals and rare earth minerals. Nuclear war would cause the land to be useless for over 50 years, that is if Nuclear winter didn’t kill the Chinese as well as the rest of the world. What makes sense to the Chinese Communists is to ally with leftist forces from within. Like termites, over the last 50 years, they have bored into free world, recruiting USA schools, actors, athletes, racist protesters such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, media, international business, farms, entertainment and political parties (mainly Democrats, but also a handful of Republicans). CCP China wants open borders for drug sales and infiltration, gun control, police defunding, cancel culture and destruction of the US Constitution. The Chinese real plan covers several decades or even sooner, depending on their military buildup and when and if the USA is able to right it’s sinking leftist wrecked ship. Lastly, China will not attack directly, they will employ the use of EMP and blame a rogue nation like North Korea or Iran for the EMP. With half or more of the North American population dead from starvation, China will then attack the USA with it’s vast conventional forces. So if you support the Democrat Peoples Republic and all their false promises, extreme socialism and climate fantasies, all I will say is welcome to the communist party and I hope when they take over, they will be as kind to you as other minorities they keep behind fences. One way or another, your cheating and lying will catch up with you all.

By Rick