China and the USA are on a collision course. China (CCP – Chinese Communist Party) will restrain’s anti USA rhetoric until AFTER the 2020 Presidential election. WHY? Because if the Democrats win (not sure Biden will be candidate), The CCP expects the USA to back down, apologize, grovel and capitulate like good little greedy globalists. President Trump and loyal Constitution loving Americans do not want a war with China, since the problems with China are caused by the lying, spying and thieving, militaristic CCP government, who is on a mission to destabilize the USA and eliminate our world presence. The CCP’s goal is to completely dominate the world economically, militarily and politically. One way or another, the CCP’s goal is to push the USA out of their way. By allowing the Democrats to surrender to the CCP after 2020 will all but insure the CCP’s plan of world domination. Re-election of President Trump will slow them down. A shooting war with China is NOT the answer, since such a war could destroy both nations, economically and physically. However, a deliberate economic pullback and relocation of critical manufacturing and distribution would dramatically slow down or halt the CCP’s plans. This is President Trump’s only realistic peaceful course of action going forward.

By Rick

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