The Chinese Ant Group is expected to raise $40 billion dollars, Eclipsing the $25 billion raised by Jack Ma for Alibaba in 2014, and even beating the $29 billion captured by Saudi Aramco in January. Most investors see this as a simple financial transaction and Wall Street seems eager to get in on the action. But there are multiple reasons to believe it can get a lot more sinister.



We have covered before how China uses America’s investment capital against us. It is Financial Warfare: The Chinese said “Financial Warfare [in which a country is subjugated without a drop of blood being spilled]” means entering and subverting banking and stock markets. They call Financial Warfare, a “hyper-strategic weapon.”

So far, The Chinese Communists took $3 trillion from us to subvert our economy and enrich theirs. This is classic Unrestricted Warfare and it’s designed to hurt you and it is about to happen again.

YOUR MISSION: To stop US investment capital from funding our own demise. Also, to discourage your brokers or financial advisor from holding shares in Ant Group after the IPO.

By Rick