Immediately cries from the left are now accusing leftist North Korea “A RACIST COUNTRY”. This doesn’t sound racist to me when North Korea calls Obama a monkey. Obama has been acting like a monkey ever since he became President and most friendly countries to the USA have been laughing at him behind his back, so it is no surprise. Obama is a screaming example of how a large segment of the American population has degraded into ignorant uncultured people. Remember idiots vote for idiots to lead them and Obama is nothing more than the leader of all the idiots in the USA. Since taking office, our beloved left wing leader President Obama has repeatedly disrespected the constitution of the USA which he swore to uphold. Obama has violated the 4th Genova convention and has helped the big banks and Wall Street to stay in the greed games that created the world economic crash since 2008, just to name a few. How about Obama dissing Israel and actively supporting the Arab Brotherhoods cause. Not to forget the illegal sale of guns to the Mexican drug cartels, open immigration which endangers all U.S. citizens. Use of the IRS to punish and harass his political resistence, as well as using the NSA FBI surveillance of private American citizens .. Yes, I will call him a monkey and worse. Lastly, openly suppressing job growth and expansion of the US economy and the total destruction of the US healthcare system in order to provide 100% free health care to his adopted minority at the total cost to the US middle class.

By Rick

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