As a rule, I am a tolerant person and fully realize that good and evil lurks with all groups of people. This applies to both sexes, all races and all religions. In a democracy we have always assumed that the majority rules and when a small minority schemes to gain control of the majority by using the “system”, that is when I draw the line and complain.

For many reasons, San Francisco became the “GAY MECCA” in the 1970’s and geographically banded together in a block vote to take control of one of America’s largest west coast cities. Gays more than most groups I’m familiar with are sensitive about their “unusual” way of life, and as a group the gays are loyal to their causes and fellow gays FIRST, whether or not it is good for humanity or for that matter the majority of America. I’ve seen how they politic and use prejudice against non-gay heterosexuals to take over businesses, groups, neighborhoods and politics. The use heterosexual women as their tools to get what they want and of course Dianne Feinstein fits right into that file.

Harvey Milk was an out of the closest, Jewish gay man who manipulated his way into San Francisco’s most powerful political figure in the early 1970’s. His methods were ruthless and he systematically removed heterosexuals from important government positions, replacing them with gay friends and backers. Anyone who opposed his backstabbing ways were quickly eliminated and replaced by his followers. This was the direct cause of his death, when a former political heterosexual ally, Dan White was lied to by Harvey Milk and then fired without good cause. On November 27, 1978, former SF city supervisor Dan White used a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver to kill gay leader Harvey Milk (who recently before his death) passed unpopular and oppressive gay rights legislation and reloaded his gun to kill acting San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. Dan White actually felt that four people in San Francisco politics were working together in a conspiracy to destroy heterosexual family life in San Francisco and needed to be stopped at all costs. His true intention was to not only kill Harvey Milk and George Moscone, but another city supervisor, Carol Ruth Silver, a big backer of the gay movement and then-member of the California State Assembly (and future San Francisco Mayor) Willie Brown. White was quoted as having said, “I was on a mission. I wanted four of them. Carol Ruth Silver, she was the biggest snake … and Willie Brown, he was masterminding the whole thing. Dianne Feinstein was probably very near the top of his list as well.

Oddly enough, Carol Ruth Silver, a former civil rights activist from New York City supported self defense with a gun. In 1985, after Bernhard Goetz shot and wounded four attackers on a New York subway train, Silver wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “The legality of the actions of the ‘subway vigilante’ cannot be determined until all the facts are in. What is already clear is that the New York officials denouncing him misconceive the law of self-defense… A subway rider attacked by armed criminals has every right to shoot in self-defense… Rational gun control is a necessity. But New York City’s long history of prohibiting ordinary, responsible adults the only realistic means of self-defense is not rational.

Not surprising, Dan White received only 7 years for the killings and served only 5 years, and was paroled on January 7, 1984. Fearing White might be murdered in retaliation for his crimes, California State Corrections Officials secretly transported him to Los Angeles, where he served a year’s parole. At the expiration of that year, White sought to return to San Francisco; Mayor Dianne Feinstein issued a public announcement of his plans, and a statement formally asking White not to return. White did move back to San Francisco and attempted to rebuild his life with his wife and children, but his marriage soon ended. On October 21, 1985, less than two years after his release from prison, White committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage by running a garden hose from the exhaust pipe to the inside of his car.

Today Dianne Feinstein heads up the gun control committee in the U.S. Senate and is sworn to destroy the 2nd Amendment of the United States. She is a self righteous and fanatical supporter of gun control and readily uses the Harvey Milk, George Moscone slayings as one of the main reasons for her anti-gun stance. Strangely enough her proposed gun ban legislation allows the use of the same gun and bullets that killed her beloved associates Harvey Milk and George Moscone. One should wonder if Dan White had used a knife to kill Milk and Moscone would Feinstein want to see knives banned or curtailed? Dianne Feinstein is one of President Obama’s strongest liberal allies and uses her to keep the Gay Community aligned in Obamas behalf.

By Rick

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