President Obama is an energetic eloquent speaker who is at his best when reading his speeches (on the teleprompter) prepared by his backers and staff. This is how he was elected and this is how he still functions. When you see and hear President Obama you are really seeing a frontman, a lip syncer, a mouthpiece for the liberal Democrat machine which provided him with those eloquent speeches that all good Democrats love to hear and cheer after. Take note of the next time you hear President Obama speak. His delivery is paused and staccato because that’s the way most good teleprompter users react. It’s just that President Obama is better at reading from a teleprompter TV screen than most. Remember a two man singing group called “Milli Vanilli”? Milli Vanilli was a pop/dance music project formed by Frank Farian in Germany in 1988, fronted by two young men of mixed race, Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus. The group’s debut album achieved high sales internationally which earned them a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1990. The act became one of the most popular pop acts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, their success turned to infamy when their Grammy was revoked after it was revealed that the lead vocals on the record were not the actual voices of Morvan and Pilatus. In 1998, ten years after Milli Vanilli’s initial debut, Pilatus was found dead in a Frankfurt hotel of an apparent drug overdose.

A tragic ending for the two lip syncers and a lesson not learned by the majority of American voters. Eventually lies surface and so will the realization the President Obama is really nothing more than a modern day Wizard of Oz. A smiling Pied Piper of sorts who lured our young and many of our old into a sense of euphoria by promising “CHANGE” and leadership needed to correct our wayward corrupt and greed Republican government. What is so uncanny is that most of his speeches and promises were written by somebody else and were read by Candidate and now President Obame (ie. Milli Vanilli). This is the main reason I put together this website because we really never got to know the real President Obama. It has been nearly a year since the election in November 2008 and nine months since he has been sworn into office. It is only now that some of the hints of the real Barack Obama are beginning to show. Proposed destruction of our health care system, reduction, destruction of our military and home defense, his hidden efforts to disarm the American people and his mismanagement of energy and our school systems. Unfortunately these hints are negative and not at all what his voters were hoping for. You have to go back to the late 1950’s when Fidel Castro was leading his Revolutionary Army to overthrow the corrupt then Cuban President Fulgencio Batista. Yes, the Cuban government need fixing but the system did not need to be radically changed. Fidel Castro and his fanatical followers stripped Cuba of Capitalism and reduced Cuba to a dependant nation of poor uneducated unhappy people waiting for their next government handout (which doesn’t get to them very often). President Obama is a smiling slower version (and more dangerous) than Fidel Castro. More dangerous because you never really know whose words President Obama is speaking while reading his next third party prepared speech.

By Rick

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