Today a friend of mine read some of my posts and said to me “You must really hate Obama”. This of course really surprised me, so I quickly answered that I do not hate or dislike President Obama personally, I just disagree with most of his philosophies and politics. She retorted that she herself did hate Obama.

Hate is a pretty big and emcompassing word. My feeling is that it is very wrong to hate President Obama or anybody for reasons of intellectual politics. You can hate Hitler for his atrocities but not for politics alone. President Obama is basically a good person who believes in what he is doing and you have to understand the basis for his beliefs. Most middle class people who voted for him only heard the words change or had a dislike for the off again, on again corporate tinged Presidency of George Bush.

My sentiments are that I have never met Barack Obama and certainly do not know him personally. However, I do know from much reading and research that which makes him tick and I though I am far from being a racist, the answer is boiled down to one word: BLACK. President Obama represents his home constituency, the poor blacks first and most of the legislation he proposes such as government takeover of the health care industry is born out of his experience and commitment with and to uninsured poor blacks. You can’t really blame Obama for this because as a ghetto community organizer, that is all he has ever known in politics. He has a Black Muslim Louis Farrakan, Spike Lee way of looking at things since that was the constituency which elected him in Chicago. His black angst is fueled by his 20 year experience in Rev. Wright type churches and his wife’s anti-THE MAN poor black ghetto upbringing. This is the truth and not a racist opinion because if you look at Obama his actions and statements all reflect this. Has he apologized to the falsely accused white Boston policeman? NO, of course not and he never will. Now understand that many middle class blacks do not agree with Obama’s ghetto politics and have spoken loudly against them. The issue with the general population is NOT racial, but unfortunately to Obama it is an issue ingrained within him. You can take Barack and Michelle Obama out of the ghetto but you can’t take that ghetto out of either of them. Expecting Obama to fairly represent all the people for the betterment of the whole country is a bit much to expect and his failure to do this is causing more and more former supporters to change their minds about him. Time will tell but I suspect that over time Obama will alienate the majority of white and non white educated middle class voters to the point where it will result in many lost Democrat legislative seats and a possible one term Presidency.

By Rick

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