Zadrazz 5/30/2010
This video should be banned. Lies and fear tactics are the work of religious, white, hate mongering fanatics who lack truth or facts to back up their unfounded propaganda of hate. These lies need to stop.

danbusinessman 5/30/2010
Cafferty belongs to the group of old white men who are resistant to change and continue to live in the dark ages. President Obama is just one of millions of progressive members of the younger generation who will lead our country into the greatness we were once known for. The hatred of President Obama and what he stands for must stop. The spreading of hate and lies must stop. BTW, exactly what does “lier” mean? Spelling not your strong suit?

Madameyesyes 5/30/2010
45 minutes ago Whoever did this should be arrested for perjury and “bearing false witness” against an innocent man. You can look
up any records right online. Shameful and horrendous fear-mongering.

Rekotse 5/30/2010
3 hours ago Very interesting video. I would not doubt a single thing in this video. Now, I don’t presume to know the truth about who the president is, but from what he has done so far, I am very inclined to believe ever single bit of information on here. One thing is for sure, we shouldn’t have been able to make him president without proof of citizenship. Too late for that now though. Oh well. Let’s vote in a congress this term that will keep him accountable, eh?

CaptainAmerica 6/1/2010
Hmmm? If you think that this video is full of lies & fear tactics? Be more specific since this video is well documented. Where are the lies in this video, besides the lies and false faces that Obama has successfully fooled millions of non-thinking Americans with? The Obama Presidency is a political rebirth of the exorcist. He timing was perfect. Voted President by bigoted black people for his color and by stupid gullible frustrated white people who would vote for a frog if he promised nirvana. Every day more and more thinking people, black and white and all other races are realizing that electing Obama was a grevious mistake. He is a WIZARD OF OZ, a political PIED PIPER and nothing more and in truth should be arrested, tried and convicted of defrauding America and the entire world. His act is a political ponzi scheme which needs to exposed and the more time that goes by with Obama as President, the deeper in the toilet the USA is going.


By Rick

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