As a trained political scientist, historian with a deep wall street and real estate background I have always been aware of this country’s positives and negatives. Since I blog daily and read nearly everything pro and con I decided in December 2007, to launch a website (my blog name OBWONdotNET with a real dot) designed to keep track of Barack Obama’s positives and negative actions and at least try to determine a clear understanding of just who we are dealing with: Are we dealing with Barack Hussein Obama the Muslim sympathizer, son and brother of radical communists, friend of socialist extremists and community organizer or a Chicago ghetto who in the front row each Sunday listened and nodded to Reverend Wright’s emotional anti-white racial hatred for over 20 years, OR are we dealing with the energetic, smiling young family man who promised America a government which would be transparent, end the wars, stop the lobbyist, change the direction of the banks and wall street etc.?

As we all know, Barack Obama is the most controversial President in US history. If you read my editorials, you will see that I rarely agree with President Obama. However, at the same time, I firmly understand that any President faced with the same set of problems, particularly a country fractured by multiple political and social beliefs would have very difficult problems dealing with the day to day problems which surfaced over the last three years. In short, President Obama, despite his personal magnetism and zeal, lacked the training and experience to be President. Obama suffers from too much “socialist and racial negative baggage” which has distorted his ability to lead, but he has tried very hard to do the right thing.

Some of President Obama’s most glaring mistakes are as follows: 1. Obama failed in his assessment of the Arizona immigration problem 2. He handled the BP project like an amateur and this country lost in all directions because of it since he has crippled our domestic oil supply at a time of extreme shortage. 3. He dropped the ball in his weak attempt to punish the banks and wall street perpetrators who caused the recession, the job losses and the ongoing foreclosures. He has mishandled the foreclosure problem by not halting foreclosures and allowing homeowners to regain their financial strength. 4. His health care bill is a disaster filled with freedom robbing earmarks and will bankrupt this country. and 5. He gave the order to our Air Force to bomb a foreign country engaged in a civil war and not a war with the USA. Strange, how President Obama is so concerned with the welfare of 6.4 million (pop.) Moslem persons living in Libya and could give a hoot for the nearly 25 million persons (11 million families) suffering from job/income loss, credit loss and foreclosure.

Fortunately for President Obama, the Republicans are fractured and strongly in league with and favor the banks, Wall Street (can you say Goldman Sachs?) and the ultra rich such as the Koch oil billionaire brothers and ultra rich people and corporations all over America. To date, the only remedy from the Republicans is to stop spending and end the health care bill, but they are dazed and confused on everything else. Just take the time and listen any Friday to the people calling in on the Rush Limbaugh show or attend any gun show in your area. Sean Hannity, Limbaugh and other conservative pundits frequently state the question “What would Pres. Reagan do in this or that situation?” Well for starters, the top tax rate of the Reagan era was nearly 50% and as the story goes, early in Reagan’s Presidency when he was aggressively reducing the size of government, Reagan was allegedly asked by a news reporter “what are you doing about the jobless” and Reagan allegedly answered “what jobless” …all my friends have jobs!”. Later as we all know, Reagan began adding jobs and spending and the economy began expanding again, but don’t take my word for it, just read the history of the Reagan administration as I have done.

Now you may be shocked to hear me tell you that I am a Republican. Yes, I firmly support the constitution and what it takes to protect personal rights and free enterprise – as long as that freedom is not used as a ticket to abuse others in the pursuit of power and wealth. This does not mean that some corporations and some ultra rich have the right to rape and pillage the rest of America for their personal greed, buy politicians and destroy any semblance of order and sound regulatory structure in this country. I’m a long term member of the NRA and I can tell you first hand that nearly all gun owners and gun dealers hate the liberals and the Obama administration despite the fact that a lot of them are in financial trouble, in foreclosure and need help. When they realize that Republican conservatives basically do not care what happens to them or the middle class and only support the interests of the very rich, then it will be too late to do anything about it. This is no longer a political fight folks, it’s a matter of “what’s in your wallet?” Only God can help us endure both sides of these extremist idiots and hopefully someone will emerge with enough bravery and common sense to lead us out of this mess, but sorry to say ……….. don’t hold your breath.

By Rick

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