I’ve purposely stayed silent through the past month because I have been observing and researching President Obama and his enlightened congressional democratic allies quest to pass the health care reform bill. Tonight I received a short email from a client and good friend who is a veteran medical doctor who lives in Kansas. What he says pretty much sums it all up:

Let me get this straight.

We’re going to pass a health care plan written by a committee whose head says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn’t read it but exempts themselves from it, signed by a president that also hasn’t read it, and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury thief who didn’t pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s nearly broke. What possibly could go wrong?

Yes, we all want security, happiness and wellbeing for all human beings in the world and not just those in the USA. However, we live in a material world of limitations and production benefits which only come with hard work and innovation. Everything in this world has a price and a cost to provide it. The health care bill’s sponsor, Congressional Majority leader Nancy Pelosi, was quoted by the N.Y. Times this past Sunday, saying that she compares this health care bill to the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935. This is an ridiculous comparison considering that working people in the USA have paid-in social hard earned money, out of their paychecks all of their lives to build up social security and medicare, but the health care bill is diluted by providing free unpaid for services for a large group of people who will pay little or nothing for it. Two glaring problems among many others make this health care bill a disaster. One, is the fact that this bill will greatly DILUTE and REDUCE MEDICARE BENEFITS for all the people, but particularly those who have paid for social security and medicare, and Two, the tax burden and cost of administering this program will put more critical economic stress on an already overburdened US economy which will extend the negative US economy.

The bottom line is that “President” Obama is simply living up to the promises he made to the poor black constituency that he represented in Chicago and relates to as his people. Simply read his book “THE AUDACITY OF HOPE” Reclaiming the American Dream. While it’s true that most poor blacks AND poor whites do not have health care, it is also true that few ever go without care if they need it, since many state and county health care programs exist for the poor. It is also true that more focus needs to be made to provide adequate health care to the poor in this country, but it does not mean that we have to destroy or drastically reduce the quality of health care for the entire nation. We need to take steps to REDUCE health care costs, build clinics and prevention centers to serve the poor, train more physicians and nurses and change the legal system which allows to many expensive lawsuits which have driven insurance costs to high.

Yes, this OBAMANATION of a health care bill has passed the house of representatives and Obama and his super socialist Democrats are pushing the Senate hard for total passage. If this bill passes, it is inevitable that the negative effects will eventually become a monument and example of what a disaster socialism can become. Perhaps we should just let it pass, since people in this country only ban together and do the right thing in times of adversity. We need a PEARL HARBOR moment to expose OBAMA and his socialist ilk for what they really are. FALSE PROPHETS who are only out for themselves.

By Rick

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