Unity (or lack of) has been a Republican curse. Unlike the Democrats liberal, middle of the road and blue dog conservatives who band together to elect top officials, the Republicans seem to create wide gaps and divisions of loyalty within itself, even to the point of alienating each other so intensely that they lose any possibility of support during an election. Like it or not the Republican party has the reputation of representing the ultra rich conservatives (mega millionairs and billionaires only all others need not apply), big banks and big business, which raises the question in every election: Is this Republican candidate representing the best interests of the people or is he representing the best interests of a major corporate or individual wealthy donor? In other blogs I have mentioned the dilemma of “the last man standing”, a big business trend fostered primarily by conservatives who think that fair play, humanity, responsibilty and regulation should be cast aside in the name of free enterprise. Keep in mind that I am NOT siding with the wacko socialist Democrats (they now call themselves progressives) who want to regulate business out of business. Responsible government regulation is a very sensitive and difficult task which only the wise, experienced and unbeholding should be allowed to partake since extremes on either side will sink the economic ship, which is the problem with the current Democrat led government. The trend in conservative government today is to cut expenses, balance the budget and recreate a growth economy. Regardless of which Republican wins the next election, things will be difficult and a lot of innocent Americans will be hurt financially-this is unavoidable since a lot of cuts MUST be made. The challenge will be which and how many cuts to make. Any novice conservative politician can close his or her eyes and end most if not all entitlements, end medicare and most social security payments and VIOLA we are back in the black. Of course, millions of people will starve to death and will be ushered out of the hospitals to die like dogs, but hey, once these negatives “social misfits” are erased from society the good old USA will be back on track. It’s sort of like the movie 2012…..if you have $$$ millions or even billions in cash, you can buy a ticket on the big lifeboat built to save mankind. The rest of us can…….oh well! such is life in the fast lane.

By Rick

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