I’ve been an avid gun collector, marksmen and gun safety proponent for over 30 years. I have carried a Florida right to carry gun permit for over 20 years and to this day I have never displayed a firearm in a public place. Make no mistake about it, firearms have no place in a public forum since they are a risk to all people concerned including the gun carrier. Recently at two town hall meetings about the controversial Obamacare, the national news media displayed photos of a man with a 9mm pistol strapped to his hip and another young man carrying an AK47 7mm Assault Rifle slung over his shoulder. Both claimed to have right to carry licenses and were not arrested, However, in my opinion this is blatantly irresponsible and pushing the right to carry too far. The public display of firearms hurts all of us responsible gun owners since it could spark violence and adds fuel to the groups arguing the banning of all firearms. If going to a rally, sports event, concert or any public function, remember that old song and saying “Leave your guns at home boy, don’t take your guns to town”.

By Rick

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