Many years ago when I was 10 years old, my daddy observed me trying to fix my bicycle with a piece of string and told me I reminded him of a negro with a piece of wire. Hearing that I asked him what does a negro do with a piece of wire and he laughed and said “he can fix nearly anything he owns with a piece of wire”. Well now we have a half negro trying to be our nations leader (note I said trying) and instead of one piece of wire he wants to use ONE CRUISE MISSILE which he surmises will surgically end the war in Syria (figures huh?). Somebody please tell him that it won’t work and that it will make the problems in Syria, Israel and the USA much worse. Stop playing soldier when you are a pacifist liberal coward and let your generals and Congress decide if this nation wants or needs to wage war. Isn’t it about time for your next multi-million dollar vacation Mr. President? How about your usual ploy by saying things that keep our nation divided.

By Rick

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