Since Paul Ryan was picked as the Republican VP candidate by Mitt Romney I have heard some interesting reactions from several people I know. Some are screaming that the addition of conservative Paul Ryan will cause Romney to lose the election while other I know are applauding Ryan as the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Regardless of how you feel about Paul Ryan, you have to concede the following:

1. Paul Ryan is a true Republican conservative.
2. Paul Ryan is intelligent and outspoken.
3. Paul Ryan is the “defining point” for the Republican Party Platform.

Like it or not, Mitt Romney has a mixed political reputation and has had a few liberal moments in his career. While he was the Massachusetts Governor (2002-2006) he promoted and signed the Massachusetts Health Care Reform act, which is a close to socialized medicine as you can get. This is why so many arch Republican conservatives regarded Mitt Romney’s candidacy with a jaundiced eye. The addition of Paul Ryan, a top leader of the conservative Republican agenda, insures that all conservative and constitutional challenges will be thoroughly reviewed and considered by Ryan in advance.

Whether you are Liberal (progressive?), Conservative or somewhere in between (Libertarian), you should be AWARE of the defining differences of each way of thinking. In my mind the main differences are as follows:

1. Thinks the Federal Government has the power over ALL things in the nation including the individual, business and its states.
2. Puts social needs first and budget second.
3. Create government regulations for all things major and minor.
4. Is in favor of disarming the military and its citizens.
5. Is in favor of heavily taxing the middle and upper classes.
6. Is in favor of union controlled wages and business.
7. Favors open abortion rights.
8. Favors open gay marriage and gays in the military.
9. Favors open immigration.
10.Supports alternative energy in favor of fossil fuel (oil, gas and coal).
11.Supports a global warming agenda
12.Supports strong limitations on oil drilling and exploration on government controlled and private property.
13.Supports socialized medicine regardless of the cost
14.Supports a large bureaucracy including a large IRS.
15.Supports the United Nations and World Government initiatives.
16.Supports gun control, ammunition control and gun bans.
17.Supports government control over states rights.
18.Supports government control over small, medium and large businesses and is anti capitalist in general.
19. Supports long term unemployment benefits and entitlements.
20. Supports Food Stamps and monetary subsidies for the Poor.
21. Believes in changing the Constitution to satisfy its needs.


1. Believes in smaller Government and stronger individual, corporate and states rights.
2. Believes in a balance budget at the expense of social needs.
3. Believes in having only basic rules over corporations and individuals.
4. Believes in a strong military.
5. In favor of lower taxes, lower capital gains tax and lower inheritance taxes.
6. Anti-union control of employees and for the right to work laws.
7. Pro Life
8. Marriage should only be for a man and a women for the protection of the family that they produce (against gay marriage and adoption).
9. For the strong protection of its borders and a tight immigration policy.
10. Supports fossil fuels over alternate energy as our main fuel source.
11. Believes global warming is a hoax and that weather is cyclical.
12. Wants to repeal socialized medicine (obamacare) and replace it with a more affordable privately initiated health care system.
13. Supports open drilling on both government and private property.
14. Supports a minimal bureaucracy and a small IRS.
15. Is suspicious of the United Nations and supports it only when it supports the interests of the United States of America.
16. Supports the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and the right to bear arms.
17. Supports States Rights when dealing with individual and small business rights.
18. Supports capitalism and freedom of the individual.
19. Does not support unemployment benefits or entitlements.
19. Does not support welfare, food stamps or anything that enables the poor to stay poor.
20. Strongly supports the Constitution as written by the founders of the USA.

As you can see by comparison that the differences between the socialists and conservatives are vast and growing wider by the day. Never before in the history of the USA has this gap of beliefs ever been wider at so many levels. Perhaps we should split up the country and let each decide its own fate. Think about it.

Since I saved the best for last, let’s talk about the LIBERTARIANS or MODERATES (the largest group also known as independents). LIBERTARIANS (or MODERATES) could easily become a third party with a bit of money and administration. Most libertarians have come from both parties and are disillusioned by both the two faced politics of Barack Obama and the strict hard right agenda of the conservatives. Believe it or not, most Tea Party members are Libertarians and NOT Republican Conservatives. In my humble opinion, the following are the differences in evaluating a Libertarian vs. a Socialist or Conservative:

MOST LIBERTARIANS: (the silent and largest party who has no representation)

1. firmly believes in the Constitution and all of its amendments. (-socialism)
2. believe in individual and states rights.
3. believe in a smaller Government and a balanced budget
4. believe in a strong military and the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.
5. believe in that the states should individually dictate their unemployment, food stamps, gun laws, gay marriage, abortion and health care. This way the people can move to those states who favor their individual beliefs and not be forced to accept things against their values or beliefs regardless of how they differ.
6. believe that the government should support business and free enterprise.
7. believe that basic rules of business ethics and safety should apply to all including major banks and Wall Street.
8. believe that the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act of 1999 should be repealed and rewritten, prohibiting banks to merge with non banks or compete with private enterprise. Banks would have to spin off non banks activities within a reasonable time limit.
9. Banks and Wall Street should be prohibited from using derivatives and swaps which directly caused the housing crash of 2007 and the economy to crash in 2008.
10. Banks and RE partnerships should be forced to accept modifications such as partial refinancing and or balloon mortgages in order to keep families in their homes and allow them to recover from the economic damage caused by the banks and wall street. (Both the socialists and the conservatives refuse to acknowledge this because they are BOTH being fund by the banks at the top). This problem must be publicly solved before this country can regain its former economic self.
11. believe in a combined energy policy of fossil fuel and aggressive development of alternative sources of fuel at the same time.
12. believe in rules to keep our environment clean and at the same time encourage development and production.


May God help us all!

By Rick

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