June 2012


Jun 4, 2012

A lot has happened in the last 45 days. President Obama is locked in a dead heat with the now selected Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. In short, we as a country are stuck in the mud with a classless amateur President who never learned the true meaning of what democracy really means. At the same time he has reduced this countries quality and effectiveness in everything he has attempted to date. Obama speaks with a forked tongue and tries to give the impression of a saviour and helper of the middle class while all the while serving Wall Street and the Big Banks who would like to destroy us all.
MISSION TWO: CONVINCE ELECTED PRESIDENT ROMNEY to go a bit slower in cutting back Trillions of dollas in Government spending overnight. The trouble is, is that one hand still feeds another and by laying off thousands of government supported employees, all they will accomplish is to drive our already weakened economy into a long double dip depression. Romney has to learn to differentiate between the good corporations and the bad corporations and support the good while punishing the bad.


Stay our of the European mess since they can afford to settle their own problems.


FREE GEORGE ZIMMERMAN Now! Simply was defending himself and his
community. He didn’t nothing wrong, was brutally attacked and fired only one shot in self defense. If President Obama supports Trayvon Martin the white and latin voters will rise up and support Romney.

By Rick

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