So you think that because George Zimmerman survived the fight by using a…..GGGGG UUUU NNNNNN we will never know the truth. Yes there could be some minor adjustments to the story but there is always some possibility that you could be perhaps 1/10 of 1% correct. However, there are a couple of things you liberal media types missed. Of course, you would never mention it since you and your liberal rag of a newspaper panders only to the socialist side of the table, but nevertheless, here I’ll try to enlighten you.

1. Have you ever stopped to think about WHY there was a neighborhood watch organized at Twin Lakes in the first place? According to several reports, there were :confused:several hundred calls to 911 and the police during the three months preceding the TM vs GZ fight. How could you not know that local black teenage gangs (many wearing hoodies) had been raiding this small low middle classed mixed race neighborhood to the point where the board of directors of the homeowners association deemed it necessary to form a neighborhood crime watch. Check out any major American city with a large black population and you will find one thing in common. LOTS OF CRIME and VIOLENCE, in fact, most inner city kids support and gravitate towards the thug way of life.

2. Enter Trayvon Martin, who is recently suspended (for the 3rd time) from his Miami High School class) and is sent to his dad for supervision as a last resort. We all know what happened next, but why are so many people confused about who Trayvon Martin really was? The press and political power all the way to Barack Obama did a good job of suppressing evidence and withholding testimony as to who and what Trayvon Martin was really about. Trayvon Martin loved the thug way of life and was becoming more and more violent. Friends of his warned him (many warnings on his cell phone and facebook) but he would not listen to them.

3. According to the only witness, Rachel Jeantel who was speaking with him before the fight, Trayvon was very close to the condo he was staying in but refused to retreat. He just had to double back and confront Zimmerman. We all know the rest of the story. By the way, Rachel Jeantel is a pathological liar and only segments of her testimony are anywhere near the truth. She even admitted lying for one reason or the other and like you, show prejudice and hatred towards white people.

4. Lastly, you keep mentioning the stand your ground law in Florida when this was NOT a stand your ground case. FYI it was a self defense case which is a big difference. You want the stand your ground law changed in Florida because it serves your liberal political agenda. Ending the stand your ground law will not change one thing. With or without the SYG law there will still be dead thugs and criminals if the victims (regardless of race) are as lucky as George Zimmerman and are able to use their guns before being murdered. Do you really know the people who run and belong to the NRA? They are dedicated to gun safety and responsible gun ownership and spend millions in that direction. You seem to confuse Obama’s socialist targeting of the 2nd amendment and Constitution with the NRA’s staunch stance about more gun laws.

As a past financial analyst I am aware that the owner of the Sun-Sentinel is the Tribune companies which is near bankruptcy. Tribune recently spun off its newspaper division (including the Sun Sentinel) in order to make its balance sheet look better, but in truth they are in heavy negotiation with some right wing billionaires who want to buy your newspaper to put you out of a job. I’m praying to God that they are successful since you have violated your oath as a fair and unbiased journalist. You are a disgrace to the profession and you would be better off staying at home and watching glee and other la la land liberal tv shows.

By Rick

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