If you have read more than a few of my topics, you probably wonder where I stand, “where is he coming from” etc. Well put it this way (I’ll try to paint a word picture”. US politics are like looking a weightlifters barbell. On opposite ends you find the extreme Democrat socialists on one side and the Republican conservatives on the other. In the middle and holding both up is the bar itself (call the bar “the independents”). If the weight on either end becomes too heavy it becomes unbalanced and like the unbalanced bar described, we cannot afford to take too much pressure from either end if we are going to survive as a progressive nation. Independents like myself believe firmly in capitalism and in a government designed to serve the people rather than the people serving the government as Obama and the Pelosi Dems would have. We believe that education, self reliance is all important to building a strong successful nation and a good economy. We also believe in cheap energy, clean water, clean air, reasonable protection of our natural resources and wildlife, but not as fanatics. What separates us independents from both the socialists and conservatives is that in regard to government the socialists impose too much government and the conservatives impose too little and allow the haves the unrestrained power to restrict and keep the have nots who want to succeed “in their place”. Read the history of Latin America if you wish to see some good examples. While we hate socialism and support capitalism, we also admit and realize that some people legitimately need help with education, emergency healthcare and housing. Remember, I said “some people have a real need” and not the freeloader mentality being shoved down our throats by Obama, Pelosi and the rest of that mindless socialist governing group. Yes, it is true that given the choice I would pick the far right to the far left but that does not mean the far right is on target on everything. The far right will preserve the constitution, support our military etc. but the far right has a reputation for favoring the rich and powerful corporations and doing nothing for the betterment of mankind in general. A good example is how the insurance industry, banking industry, securities indursty, oil industry and drug industry ran rampant and untouched during the last Bush administration. I listen to Rush, Hannity, Levin and Beck nearly every day (all good guys with the best of intentions) and while I agree with most of their complaints against Obama and company, I never hear them come up with much in the way of solutions to problems either. Complaining about problems is important but solving them is an entirely different matter. Without the support of the independents, the conservatives don’t stand a chance to win back any government control.

By Rick

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