While Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and a few other conservatives scream to high heavens that we are losing our freedoms to the radical left, the middle class and small business are plunging deeper and deeper into an abyss of financial failure. Yes, I as an independent free thinking American who believes in democracy, freedom, capitalism and private vs government control……but only to a point of sensibility. Consider this: Major corporations and many ultra rich Americans would prefer an America with little or no regulation and WHY NOT? They have all the capital they need. They are secure in their lives because of their vast wealth and their only real enemy is inflation and taxation. Extreme right wing distortions are just as bad as extreme left wing distortions since they all end with the same result: DESPERATION, HOPELESSNESS and POVERTY. It is a fact that most people who are rich and powerful enjoy the fruits of their exclusivity and will resist others who would like the opportunity to enjoy the same. While we all know well the left wing distortions of Hitler’s Nazi Party, Lenin and Stalin’s Communism and Mao Tse Tung’s Communist China we tend to forget the right wing distortions of Latin America where a handful of wealthy Patrons turned whole nations into barefoot peons living in ignorance and squalor. It is not wrong for a nation to have educated, healthy, happy people who live in a nation ruled by a well-balanced government. The biggest problem this country has is the huge gap of understanding between the haves and the have nots. Why is it not possible for both sides to meet in the middle? Why does it always have to be either this leftist dictatorship or this right wing dictatorship? A good example is in Cuba only 90 miles south of the U.S. boarder. Fulgencio Batista was a right wing dictator who cozied up to the rich and organized business and crime. Rightfully, intelligent Cubans wanted him removed from office, but it took a revolution by extreme left wing socialists to remove him from office and rather than install a sensible middle of the road capitalist government with sensible guidelines and reforms, they confiscated private property and businesses in the name of the peoples socialist reform and destroyed any chance that Cuba would ever become a free, happy society. Is the USA going the same direction? No, there is too much opposition to a pure socialist state, but, even worse will be the lack of direction and needed assistance for the people who really need help and that is the middle class and small business community. In my next editorial I will deal with some recommendations which would help get the USA in general back on track. Stay tuned to this website.

By Rick

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