Today, March 26, 2010, President Obama has announced a Nuclear Disarmament Agreement with Russia. A 30% reduction over a period of ten years. What are the implications of such a move. Basically, this is MEANINGLESS (unless you are President Obama trying to produce a political feather in his cap and reduce the negative impact of the publically unpopular and poorly written HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL. Let’s consider the following:

1. Russia is no longer the Soviet Union and controls only a part of the former Soviet Unions HUGE nuclear weapons stockpile. In 2006, five Asian countries who were part of the former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan committed themselves not to produce, buy, or allow the deployment of nuclear weapons on their soil, but did not go so far as to destroy these weapons or denounce former agreements with Russia who contradicted this agreement. What about the other former Russian countries.

2. At the height of the nuclear buildup in the early 2000’s, Russia including the parts of the former Soviet Union had over 12,000 “disclosed” nuclear weapons, more than the entire rest of the world combined (the USA had 9000 disclosed nuclear warheads). Both the USA and Russia has openly been upgrading their aging nuclear arsenals, so which nuclear warheads will be eliminated. Do you think that either side is eliminating their newest and most powerful nuclear warheads? Of course not.

As I see it, this OBAMA PROCLAMATION is another bombastic, meaningless announcement designed to bolster the Obama Administrations falling popularity. Please see the movie “WIZARD of OZ” to draw similarities, all talk, no effective action. From day one, President Obama has used the press to give the US voters a misguided view of what is actually taking place. One of the main reasons, Obama is losing his appeal is because many people who originally voted for him and supported his populist appeal for “change” are now realizing that OBAMA is a snake oil salesman with NO SUBSTANCE. This does not mean that these people are jumping with joy and following the conservative Republican line, which is nearly as bad for this country as the circus act Obama has been preforming. What this country needs is common sense leadership and courage, which to date we have seen very little. Rush, Hannity and Beck truly mean well and do make valid points about the danger of Obama’s antics but thus far have not proposed any common sense solutions to the problems in the USA. Americans know that the economic problems existed before Obama and that big business, big banks and lobbyists have sold out the middle class of America. The sad thing is that many progressive independent voters joined the mindless, ignorant, uneducated and racist low class groups who voted for race only and free government cheese like free money, food and healthcare. Remember, teach a man to fish and he will feed himself and his family. Give a man a fish and he will eat it and ask for more. Now many are looking for other answers to this countries problems and waiting for the next election. Make no mistake about it, Republicans will sweep the elections but it is by no means a mandate to take this country back to the old Bush policies and conservatism. This country does need “SENSIBLE CHANGE” and “UNITY” to survive. We need to do the following:

1. Require people to be literate and have an understanding of our government before they can register to vote. We have to have drivers licenses and must pass a drivers test to get a drivers license. Why not a standard literacy requirement and a STANDARD CITIZENSHIP TEST before a person can become a voter? Some say this is racist, but the suggestion of racism is racist itself, since it implies that minorities are too ignorant to pass such a test and discriminates against them. What is does is to prevent the US government from falling into the hands of a selfish, lying despot who knows how to use illiterate masses to destroy the quality of life in the USA and perpetuate his reign of destruction. If you haven’t recognized it yet, the USA voting system has a DANGEROUS LOOPHOLE and thanks to President Obama for exposing it. If a politician such as President Obama is elected and wants to stay in office and guarantee that his followers will inherit his rule, all he has to do is to open the doors of immigration, lower the citizenship requirements and give them free US government benefits of food, housing and healthcare. Who do you think they will vote for.

2. Congress must pass a privacy act forbidding credit reporting agencies from providing negative personal information. Congress must also pass a credit forgiveness act which reinstates the millions of innocent US citizens who either lost their jobs or their incomes because of this economy. Make no mistake about it folks, we have a national emergency in this country and it is only going to get worse unless our leaders take some strong action. Set a low fixed interest rate of 1-2% on ALL US mortages and agree for the US government to guarantee all mortgages in the USA. By doing so, the US can deal with forecloseure in a fair unbiased manner and separate those who are deserving of modification from those who are just cheating the system. This would also funnel billions of dollars into the hands of homeowners who will increase spending, creating more demand and more jobs.

3. Our government should appropriate hundreds of billions of dollars to
loan to existing struggling small businesses who have been negatively affected by the economy but have had a past track record of business success with incentives (reduced prinicipal and interest perks) to hire more people in these businesses.

4. Read my past posts about Healthcare. We need Tort Reform, paid medical educations and aid to medical universities, free clinics for low income and physically challenged people etc.. We do not need to destroy the entire healthcare industry to achieve help to those who really need it.

5. We need tax incentives for all business to relocate and produce products in the USA and to stop exporting jobs to the rest of the world.

Oh, I could write a book but I think you get my point. Do nothing conservatism will only allow the rich to get richer, fewer and the poor to get more depraved and numerous while the middle class and small business in this country completely disappears. Rush Limbaugh has a 400 million dollar, eight year broadcasting deal, endorsements and all sorts of perks which make Rush a potential billionaire. Rush can afford to be ultra conservative since he wants for nothing, but Rush like Obama should realize whose backs they built their success on and be a little more conscious of the fact that there is a real need for help for the people who put them in their high places of economic success. This worsening situation will eventually explode in violence and widespread unrest if help does not arrive soon. People like Rush better hire a private army to protect their wealth, but as we all know, Pres. Obama already has his private army. Not a pretty picture folks — Time to get out your bibles and prayer books.

By Rick

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