Yesterday, the State of New York passed an revised aggressive gun ban and restrictive bill which most people expected, since New York politicians for the most part seem to be partially brain dead from breathing all of that polluted air and drinking polluted water over the years. If New York was its own country, they would have goose stepping police and concentration camps filled with people who committed minor crimes such as removing the warning labels on their mattresses. I’ve been telling friends who live in NYC to get out now. It’s dangerous and will be a nuclear terrorist target for years to come. Seriously, New York politicians are over the top and their tough gun laws do not surprise me since they really do have a lot of scary unbalanced people living there. My heart goes out to the now more defenseless normal people who have to put up with all this bureaucratic BS. As for ending gun violence, I will place a bet that gun violence will increase in New York after the passage of this anti gun bill. Stupid laws by Stupid People (what did you expect?)

By Rick

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