at the turn of the 19th/20th century, the Republic of Germany was a world leader and a tiny obsure socialist party focused on “change” was founded in Germany in 1919 by ANTON DREXLER, a Munich locksmith. Soon after, a bright young 30 year old Austrian born man with new ideas, energy and great oratorical skills soon took over this new socialist party and changed the name to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. In 1920 he formulated a 25 point program of “SOCIAL CHANGE” which became the purpose and goal of the party. His platform of changes appealed to the working class. In order to help the keep order during rallies and meetings, the party formed an organized paramilitary organization to use strong arm tactics to protect the party. This party did not grow rapidly until the great depression intensified and and with soaring unemployment producing desperate followers, the new socialist party soon became the largest voting party in the nation. When unemployment began to drop the parties power weakened, but the had infiltrated the Reichstag Parliment (like Congress and our Senate) and placed followers in influential Legistlative government and Judicial positions. Because of this influence the party was able to muster support for and pass the “Enabling Act” which gave the leader of the party unchallenged power. In 1933, his government declared his party to be the only political party in Germany. He assumed control over the military and abolished all other political parties. He made membership in his party mandatory for all German citizens. The Party controlled mass organizations for youth, women, workers, and other groups at the bottom. It’s vast and complex hierarchy was structured like a pyramid with party controlled mass organizations for youth, women, workers, and other groups at the bottom, party members and officials in the middle and the leader and his closest associates at the top wielding undisputed authority. Oh, it seems I forgot to mention that the German leader I just spoke about was ADOLF HITLER and his social party was the NAZI PARTY.

Here we are, exactly 90 years later. The population is weary with the mideast war and fearful in general about our eroding position in the world. China has imported most of the worlds manufacturing capabilities and its meteoric growth has caused a shortage of building materials which preempts the residential real estate boom and collapse. Barack Obama rises from obscurity to appeal to young people, idealists and minorities who feel left out from the last eight years of prosperity. Obama a left wing socialist has new ideas, energy and great oratorical skills though inexperienced in life and business. Though from a mixed race Obama identifies himself with his wife’s black minority culture and their desperate plight to achieve perceived equality even though the civil rights bill has been effective and active since 1964. The black minority (98% of black voters) were key to putting Obama in political office from state congressman to President of the United States. In his short few months in office, he has managed to spend more money in this time period than all the U.S. Presidents combined in the history of the United States of America. He has also appointed a Supreme Court Justice to help him with his plans to change the USA from a Democratic Republic into a Socialist Country. Like Hitler, Obama’s polularity has been bouyed by the desperation and deprivation of the unemployed and those fearing that they will be next. Though Obama did not plan this downward economic plunge, he is learning that the worse the US economic situation gets, the more positively people will respond to his government handouts and control. This of course is the goal of all ardent socialist who advocate strong government control of the masses.

By Rick

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