The most damning evidence against President Obama and his clownish administration is in his latest acts of total buffoonery.

1. Obama’s new ban against Gulf drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is totally insane and is the direct opposite of what he should be doing. We all know about the difficult time BP had in capping that deep well over 1 mile below the surface. Anybody with half a brain in the oil business knows that shallow wells can be capped with hours and not months like the treacherous deep water which requires expensive and delicate submarine equipment. Soooo what does Obama do? Duh…He forces the oil companies to keep drilling in deep water risking more of the BP disasters and causing barriers to new wells and new employment. When will he ever wake up and do the right thing?

2. The Obama administration is singing a different tune about foreclosures. A year ago, officials focused on stemming the foreclosure tide. Now they are touting the need for foreclosures to rebuild the housing market. Stupid move because the banks and gobbling up the foreclosures, lowering the price of real estate and creating more and more foreclosures. Obama still does not “GET IT”. It was the sub prime mortages and negative amortization coupled with the derivatives/securitization of the sub primes by Wall Street that brought this economy down and caused the layoffs and foreclosures. Now Obama is allowing the same banks to profit and abuse American families in crisis driving them out of their homes and onto the streets. BAD

By Rick

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