Everyday newly elected President Barack “Barry” Obama is showing that his friendly smile, honesty and charisma do not make or qualify him to be a competent President. Obamas experience, education and background is sorely lacking when he needs to make decisions. This sad fact is one that I am not rejoicing, since I really would love to see him succeed as President, but the facts are the facts. While the press was quick to mock and poke fun at former President George Bush, they are reticent to say a word of criticism about the stumblings of Obama. It is true that this country and the world is suffering from a cash flow crisis and is experiencing a hyper negative business cycle. Business cycles have been happening to mankind for over 1000 years and this one may be the worst in history. Nevertheless, a cycle is a circle and if you step back and think about it, everything in this world is a circle and is universal since nothing really end and only changes form.

So, if you follow this theory the cycle will eventually pass and things will adjust and improve. This is why some leading economists are suspicious of many of the Obama hyper inflationary spending plans. Barack Obama’s notion that spending will cure this recession/depression is only partially right, but where he is off track is that his administration is interfering with and slowing down the economic adjustment of the economy by aiding companies who have no chance of survival. AIG and General Motors are a good example and would fare better if left to their own devices. The bank bailout was a total waste of the taxpayers money and did nothing to relieve the economic anxieties of the general public. The banks are hoarding the money and still will not lend money. Estimates are that the amount of money lavished on the banks amounts to over $22,000 per household.

Do you think that the US economy would have rebounded if the US Government would have sent each household $22,000 rather than lavish the money on a few banks who made irresponsible greedy loans to poor people who couldn’t afford it. Obama needs to analyze where we are lacking the most such as education and energy and enlist the help of the private community and support those endeavors. It would have been better to distribute the money directly to the people rather than give it to the banks and failing major corporations. Lastly, it is a shame to see the US Democracy and capitalist system held hostage with bailout money that each and every citizen with eventually have to repay through increased taxes, higher interest rates and worst of all, a coming TSUNAMI OF RECORD HIGH INFLATION.

By Rick

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