Love em or Hate em, All Presidents are pretty much the same (all promises, no track record) when elected. However, the true test of any President or leader for that matter is when he/she is under fire.
President Bush’s popularity rose in the polls right after 911 and then dropped sharply after the military victory in Iraq and his administrations response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

While I hate the death, hurt and damage being done by the ongoing BP Oil Disaster, the only good thing it has done is to put Obama to a real test – One provided by God (nature) with no politics or excuses. A test which in my opinion, he has grossly failed and is still failing miserably. The longer it takes, the dumber Obama is looking (perhaps Obama should co-star with Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dummer 4” –did you see #2 and #3? Instead of mobilizing a strong team of national experts (think of the movie “Armageddon” – get the picture?) and providing immediate financial support to those people and businesses truly affected and hands on help (including pushing aside government red tape which is currently hampering cleanup and prevention) and equipment needed to clean up and prevent more oil damage to the Gulf Coast. So time is flying by, Obama just twiddles his thumbs, my tough guy speeches, casting the blame on big business in general including a criminal investigation of BP by fellow Dummer Eric Holder. Oh…don’t forget that this is a Greenie Al Gore-like catastrope and now we should all STOP USING FOSSIL FUELS. Ok, I agree, but I would like to see ALL the people who voted for Obama and the Democrat Congress put their money where their mouths are and STOP USING FOSSIL FUELS like Oil, Coal and Gas first immediately, just to show us oil squandering Americans what truly smart and loyal liberal Americans they really are, starting with Al Gore and his 12,000+ square foot home with his huge electric bill. C’mon Demos, turn off your electricity, stop buying gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, build more windmills, buy electric only cars, fly only in hot air ballons and travel the seas by sail and oar only. The world and this country would be in a far better place while the rest of us continue to use fossil fuels while working hard on inventing new sources of energy and converting current modes of energy to cost efficient alternative energy whenever alternative energy becomes cost efficient.

So, let’s also not forget the OBAMA OFFSHORE DRILLING MORATORIUM IN THE GULF which effectively has furloughed thousands of oil workers on over 40 active rigs which are not leaking and currently supplying the nation with much needed domestic fuel. Why would Obama create more unemployment and add to the misery of the Gulf region when he has been promoting Jobs? Because he has a job and it pays him well and he really does not give a rats ass if thousands or millions of middle class (mostly middle class folks?) get kicked in the teeth financially. Obama seems to be acting out the actions of his most radical accusers: That his real mission in his Presidency is to destroy capitalism, destroy the country financially and replace our system with a Lenin/Marxist totalitarian super socialist system (I think they used to call it communism). Gosh, wasn’t Obamas real father a communist? Isn’t his cousin in Kenya a communist? Did Obama hang out with Pakistani Communists when in college and even travel to Pakistan as a citizen of Indonesia when it was illegal for a US citizen to travel…….Where do I get all these twisted sordid ideas about our dashing, young, dynamic President? Even though all I’ve said is the TRUTH! SEE THE MOVIE THE EXORCIST. How could Damien become President uh…SEE THE MOVIE THE EXORCIST…How could OBAMA become President? Yow,, I mean YOWZA!!!! Wake up you fools, swallow your pride and admit for once that America jumped from the frying pan and into the fire. When will the Matt Lauer’s of the world realize that they’ve been duped. Save your “White Guilt” for Danny Glover (in 2012 Movie) …Another Damn liberal greenie movie with great graphics, produced and directed by a lot of people with their heads firmly stuck up their asses. Sounds a bit like our American Media Circus and late night TV talk show hosts …don’t it?

Remember the old saying: Give em more rope and they will eventually hang themselves. Obama is now in the process of hanging himself politically. GO OBAMA

By Rick

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