Obama was elected President of the USA on the (falsely present) high expectations of CHANGE, HELP FOR THOSE IN NEED and the ELIMINATION OF CORRUPTION IN OUR GOVERNMENT. I knew he could never live up to these expectations. I do not blame Obama for the problems he inherited. I DO BLAME Obama for a lack of action to aid small business, give taxation relief, spur banks to lend money, set up guidelines and moratoriums to stop foreclosures for economy challenged persons who in the past had a good payment history. Obama and his family have been on ONE BIG WHIRLWIND VACATION on the taxpayers dime. The problem is that the freeloaders, poor blacks and young whites are diehard Obama accolytes and will never denounce him. The productive older generation in this country is being replaced (as they die) by non-productive young idealists who lack knowledge of the principles and productive skills which built the USA into the world’s greatest nation. It will take up to twenty years before they realize that they bargained away their rights and freedom for a sub-standard life on the government dole imposed upon them by the likes of Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and Harry Reid. Obama and his comrades stand for ignorance, subserviance and blind belief from hoards of desperate people who look upon him as a GOD. The longer Obama is in office, the higher the chance that his socialist / communistic beliefs will develop deeper roots into the US government, much like Hitlers socialist policies in 1933 when he was able to muster the political muscle to ban all opposition. Because of this influence the party was able to muster support for and pass the “Enabling Act” which gave the leader of the party unchallenged power. The more SotoMayor type persons infiltrate into top government positions, the more it will be possible to change major policies aimed at controlling the populace and restricting personal freedoms. Things like gun control, socialist education (indoctrination) of children, crippling high taxation and police control over every aspect of our lives will drive the wealth from the shores of the USA. To win this battle, the hard core conservatives in the USA MUST compromise and move closer to the center. There has to be more
than just a choice between Obamas Socialism and Overpowered Big Corporate Domination. Somewhere in the middle is right and compassion vs selfishness and greed. Common sense needs to dictate for the betterment of all the citizens in this country without destroying the fabric and freedom which our forefathers wisely put into place.


By Rick

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