There are 6,461,454 people living in Libya and our gallant, heroic President Barack Hussein Obama was so concerned about their safety as to order our military to attack the government troops of Libya so that the Libyan opposition could turn the tide and force the Gadaffi government to step down from power. The reason for this is that according to President Obama, the Libyan people have suffered greatly through 40 years of tyranny. Well, at least 50% or more Americans have suffered for the last four years under President Obamas version of one sided tyranny and if asked would want him to step down from office. President Obama has supported the disasterous health care destroying Obamacare bill, has called the enforcement of standing immigration laws racist, has banned oil drilling during a time when the price of oil is threatening to send this country in another deep recession and has refused to punish the big banks who caused the ongoing recession and has caused nearly 15,000,000+ Americans to lose their livelihoods and their homes to foreclosure. How does it feel to see President Obama supporting the rights of 6.5 million moslims in Libya while he allows over 15,000,000+ Americans citizens to lose their homes to the enemy that caused them to lose their jobs and their homes. THINK ABOUT THIS PEOPLE.

Because of the actions or inactions of President Obama, we the middle class of America are disappearing and losing our rights as Americans. It was President Obama who criticized America for being a bully internationally. Who is Obama to tell us who the good guys are and who the bad guys are in Libya, especially when he is allowing corporate bankster tyranny right here in America. He talks about American values we hold so dearly, yet he has more interest in helping 6.5 million Libyans moslems than the entire middle class of American citizens. The truth is President Obama is now a rich man and has gotten richer while serving as President of the United States. If you think he represents the interests of the middle class and the poor…l…GUESS AGAIN!! and if you believe he does. You are stupider than I thought.

By Rick

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