It is nearly one year since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States and nearly nine months since he officially took office. The National Debt has risen today to over $1.4 trillion dollars(triple last years deficit) and despite all the hoopla and spending, the economy is now starting still another freefall with the next wave of hardship promising to make the first one seem like good times. The major reason that the economy is still heading downward is because there has been very little real stimulus to aid and support small business and the middle class which is responsible for nearly 80% of productivity, employment and tax revenues. Foreclosures in the mainstream have only received lip service and lenders are as cold and vicious as they have ever been despite receiving billions of dollars from the Obama administration to repay them for their losses from toxic assets. The $70+ billion dollar stimulus line item of the ballyhooed $787 billion dollar stimulus bill was designed to help people (first-time buyers) buy homes. The majority of these people are those just starting out, low income people who do not pay taxes. No help at all for those people nearing or who are in foreclosure due to job losses caused by this sinking economy. Most of the Democrat and Obama stimulus money was directed to help the poor and the young, while the important heart of the economy heads for disaster. It seems almost as if the Obama Administration is purposely plotting for the poor and the young to rapidly replace the current core middle class and small business community (a Zimbabwean* tactic used to take the farms from the farmers and allow the workers to own them, which now has resulted in mass starvation since few of the workers knew how to run a farm).

*August 12, 2002 BBC NEWS | Africa | Mugabe orders white farmers to leave … Zimbabwe’s president tells white farmers. Mr Mugabe has promised to allow each white farmer to keep one farm. October 8, 2009 Zimbabwe: New Mugabe Threat For White Farmers – Yahoo! News UKA new wave of farm invasions is under way in Zimbabwe In the past eight months, 80 have been evicted by force, and scores more have been threatened. Zimbabwe’s Commercial Farmers’ Union says white-owned farms are under attack every day. Some 172 incidents of violence were recorded in August alone. Sixty thousand farm workers, seen as supporters of the opposition in Zimbabwe, have been evicted from their homes and jobs since the start of the year. Close sources say the seized farms are being handed to military chiefs, judges and other important allies of Mr Mugabe. as Robert Mugabe’s loyalists try and force the remaining white farmers from the land.

As a student of history this current activity is starting to resemble that period which followed the infamous Civil War, where the victorious Federal government gave and loaned money to a group call the carpetbaggers. In United States history, carpetbaggers was the term southerners gave to northerners who moved to the South during the Reconstruction era, between 1865 and 1877. They formed a coalition with freedmen (freed slaves), and scalawags (southern whites who supported Reconstruction) in the Republican Party. Together they politically and ruthlessly controlled former Confederate states for varying periods, 1867

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