:eek:OFF WITH HIS HEAD! BARACK IN WONDERLAND! Here’s why America loses BIG……..

It seems that President Obama watched “Alice in Wonderland” one time too many, for he thinks that he is the “Queen” of Hearts. Please don’t say or even think about criticizing the President or it’s OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

Do you remember the speeches and promises President Obama made to us, that if elected President he would run an open government which listens to constructive criticism and reacts intelligently to such recommendations? Well I’m afraid that all of Obamas promises were just campaign rhetoric, since he obviously cannot take constructive criticism, even second hand criticism. It makes me wonder if in the future a junior officer under the General Petraeus is overheard criticising the Obama Administration, would President Obama fire General Petraeus as well? That’s how silly this whole thing is. Never in USA history has such a great and respected General been relieved of command for such second hand trivia. Remember, General McChrysal and his men were overheard discussing frustrations in a hotel bar between themselves and did not publicly embarass President Obama etal on purpose, nor did any of them disobey any order from the Obama Administration. Yes, President Obama and General McChrystal needed
to clear the air and iron out any differences for the betterment of the Afgan war in general, but fire him and his staff reeks of despotism at its worst.

When I heard about the then General Stanley A. McChrystal Rolling Stones 9 page story w/pics called “The Runaway General”, by Michael Hastings, I raced down to the closest bookstore and bought two of the remaining three copies on the shelf. After reading the story a day before President Obama decided to force McChrystal into retirement and replace him with General Petraeus (we all love him, which Obama is banking on), I had already come to the obvious conclusion that General McChrystal’s involvement and comments that were overheard in a hotel bar in Paris while waiting. All agree that most of the negative comments about Obama (not personal), Biden and other fumbling Obama admin officials were made by McChrystal’s staff such as Col. Charlie Flynn and others. All of the comments were based on frustration with the fumbling, foot dragging and poorly focused actions of President Obama and his staff of buffoons and not by McChrystal himself. Obama’s followers and talking head press all have stated that the “Commander in Chief” must have discipline and that Obama was right in removing McChrystal. However, General McChrystal did not disobey any orders, nor did he command his men to do so. McChrystal was not insubordinate. Some fellow press representatives have stated that Rolling Stones author Michael Hastings betrayed the trust shared by the military and active war correspondents, which is a BIG NO, NO. It’s not like McChrystal and staff went public with their frustrations.

So Obama replaces McChrystal and staff with General Petraeus, McChyrstal’s commanding officer in IRAQ and is now saddling Petraeus with a tremendous burden which adds more stress to both Iraq and Afganistan. We all love Petraeus and I know that he is respected first hand because I personally know some of the soldiers who shared the command bunker with Petraeus during the height of the Iraq Offensive. So why add more stress by removing a key element of General Petraeus’s leadership circle? Does the fact that General Petraeus has been recently mentioned as a Presidential candidate against President Obama in 2012 have anything to do with this.

McChrystal is gone, kaput, history, so what does the war effort losing by this Obama action:

1. General McChrystal is a no nonsense hard nose Special ops warrior/soldier who excelled in hunting
down terrorists in Iraq and Afganistan. He had a reputation for being a hero to his men and
all who knew him. He was hands on and not a paper pusher.
2. A General who actually had voted for Obama and believed in a more populist agenda, was loyal to
3. General McChyrstal was loved by his men and respected by the Afgan leaders, he was a hands on type
of guy.
4. McChyrstal was both a fierce special forces warrior and a grass roots leader who believed that the
only way to win in Afganistan was to win over the support of the Afgan people and not by just killing
all Afgans in a widening civil war.
5. President Karzai pleaded with President Obama to consult with McChrystal, listen to what is needed
and patch up any
6. The US, France and Russia have lost thousands of troops and wars by becoming the enemy of all and
not building a local alliance. General McChrystal’s plan of action was to build a core alliance and
use the combined force to stamp out the terrorists. With McChrystals departure, I think that General
Petraeus will have a difficult time achieving what General McChrystal set out to do. For one thing,
General Petraeus will have to tow the Obama line which General McChrystal found to be flawed and
not responsive to his troops needs to win in Afganistan.
7. The recent discovery by U.S. GEOLOGISTS at U.S. taxpayer expense, of over a Trillion dollars worth of
vital strategic minerals and precious metal reserves in Afganistan, the chips are much higher and
countries such as Russia, Iran and China all would like to see the Americans turn tale and run from
Afganistan so that they can move in, fill the void left by the USA and develop the mineral assets to
their financial advantage. Perhaps Karzai and McChrystal saw a big financial advantage to both
countries by working together, while super socialist “Uncle Chump” Obama wants nothing to do with
U.S. Capitalists exploiting the wealth of still another foreign country (something to ponder about).


By electing President Obama to the U.S. Presidency was like handing a blindfolded 12 year old juvenile deliquent the steering wheel of our largest aircraft carrier in New York Harbor on a busy day. He crashes, and crashes and will keep on crashing until the ship sinks or he sinks a lot of other ships. The damage is rising and may GOD SAVE THE USA from this idiot’s mistakes and miscalculations. Now if we can keep him from playing with that little red button on his desk……………….BOOM! The firing of General Stanley A. McChrystal is BIG a mistake and will be regarded in history as one of President Obamas many many other disasterous mistakes during the worst four years the U.S.A. has ever witnessed.

By Rick

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