ONCE UPON A TIME there were three families living in the east: The Corporate Family, The Entrepreneur Family and the Poor Family. For years the three families coexisted, respected and helped each other when things got really tough. As the three groups expanded they decided together to go west to gain more opportunity for all. Each group had its own bus. To be fair the corporate and entrepreneur families helped elect a leader named Barak Hussein Obama from the poor group to represent all the groups and gave him a nice new tow truck to help them all if they got stuck or broke down while traveling. The corporate family left first since they had all their provisions in place. The corporate bus was much bigger and heavier than the other two and caused the road behind them to be full of ruts and potholes which became muddy when it rained. Soon after, the entrepreneur bus got on its way and halfway to their destination became stuck hard in the muddy rut left by the corporate bus. The poor family bus and the tow truck were behind the entrepreneur bus but did not get stuck but had to slow down and stop. The entrepreneur family pleaded with Barak Obama, the leader in the tow truck to help them out of the mud. Obama refused to help and claimed that it was the responsibility of the corporate bus to fix the road they destroyed and told the entrepreneurs that he would drive to the corporate group and convince them to help. When he arrived at the camp of the corporate family they were having a big party and living the high life. Seeing this good life, the Obamas joined in and decided to stay and live with the corporate group and forget about the others in trouble. Every now an then Obama would send a courier to the Poor Family with a message of hope and totally ignored the entrepreneurs. The moral of the story is that the entreprenuer family remains stuck going nowhere in the corporate mud while the poor family lingers on with false hopes. Barak and the Corporate group now control all the riches and toast together to their bright future together. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, the leader of the corporate group is planning to become the new leader and promises to build a moat and a wall around the corporate camp to keep all others out.

By Rick

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