PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NOT THE WINNER – He will always be a loser in my eyes….


NO CELEBRATION HERE FOLKS, ONLY DEEP SADNESS FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THE USA WHO TRIED TO HELP THE CLUELESS IDIOTS WHO JUST RE-ELECTED BARACK OBAMA! Nothing Mitt Romney could say or do will ever convince these brainwashed clueless sheeples that they are so wrong.

You FOOLS (who voted for Obama) will rue the day you voted for him, mark my words. Enjoy it while you can and you deserve what will be the result. You will not be able to blame President Bush this time for the future horror and suffering that your misguided votes will soon cause.
We have reached a point in this once proud country where ignorant people can vote for benefits they paid little or nothing for and those who contribute the most have no say in the matter. The answer to this is the same as what happens when a forest fire roars out of control. The forest (in this case the USA) simply burns everything down and then hopefully the new sprouts will rise from the ashes over time. President Obamas type of socialism will self destruct in time, count on it.

So now we who know better will have to sit back and helplessly watch President Obama and his ilk burn down what is left of the USA. Iran and the Al Quida will get their nuclear bomb. The Supreme Court will turn so socialist that our personal rights and freedom under the constitution will be under constant attack. Obamacare will DESTROY the medical industry so badly that the clueless idiots will not get any descent medical care. You women worry about planned parenthood and prenatal care will realize that it will be difficult to get that promised care when the caregivers all go broke because of Obamacare. Seniors will wonder why they cant get the medicare they paid years for since Obamacare will filter off the benefits to try to save a failing heathcare act. Obama and his devil sponsor Ben Bernanke will flood the USA with fiat currency to the point where our money is totally worthless as the pundits predict. Obama will continue to divide this nation and build hatred and mistrust. Rich vs Poor, black vs white, young vs elderly. President Obama will never reach across the aisle to unite Americans since a divided America services his socialist agenda (divided we fall). Obama will do nothing about the student loan problem or the foreclosure problem since he and his allies are servants of the big banks who caused the problem. He will only give lip service to those suffering while all the while doing little or nothing to end the problem. So we accept this crushing defeat and know that we will not be to blame for our future demise. You will pay dearly for your votes, in future self induced suffering and poverty. So enjoy your victory my foolish fellow Americans for you are celebrating your own future demise.

By Rick

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