Nobody uses an “Assault Rifle” to hunt deer. We keep assault rifles to protect ourselves and our families from attack by looters, invaders or a corrupt government. If that is too hard for you to swallow, read the U.S. History Books starting with the American Revolution. Like Russia, Germany, Cuba, Venezuela and China. First you have a socialist leader, then you disarm the public, then you attack free speech, private ownership, the middle class and the rich, then you use the military to keep the unarmed public in line. Does this sound familiar? Are you so blind that you cannot read between the lines. President Obama, is a devout socialist and firm support of gun control. Whatever else is on his mind? Too bad a lot of you do not realize the danger behind that smiling face. Remember folks that socialism is GUUD (Government Unarmed Unaware Dependent).:eek:

By Rick

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